The yoyo brand you've owned the most of.


I’m just wondering whose yoyos people are buying/trading.
Only list the brand you have got the most models from, and list the number of models

For me, a surprise to me, would be Recreational Revolution. I’ve owned a Bad Rep Lite, Electric Daisy, Mangaroo, and an Oscillatrix.
I don’t know how it happened, but I accumulated a lot of RecRevs.
Yoyojam and Yoyofactory are a close second.

(M.DeV1) #2

I seem to own a lot of C3 and i already own 2 spyys with 3 more on the way.


CLYW and OD are tied.

4 Avalanches
6 Sasquatches
2 Gnarwhals
5 Chiefs
1 BvM
2 Canvases
1 Peak
1 Arctic Circle
1 Campfire
1 Glacier Express

4 Code2s
7 Code1s
1 Project 2
1 Dietz
1 Dingo
2 Sovereigns
1 Cascade
2 54s
1 Cafe Racer
3 Burnsides
1 Y-Factor

EDIT: Actually it’s YYF with about 25

(SR) #4

Probably YYF, but ones I actually use- GENERAL YO, of course.


Duncan, but only because I have a LOT of their plastic throws- they were my favorite company growing up as a kid, so I always picked out a duncan when I had the chance to buy a yoyo. These days it’s a tie between YoYoFactory and YoYoJam


YYF—total of 40, I bought 5 of them. YYF trade value is quite low but they are traded quite frequently.

-7075 Supernova x 8
-JK x 3
-Northstar x 3
-Genesis x 3
-Protostar x 3
-Superstar x 2
-Whip x 2
-Supernova Lite
-Counter Attack
-Super G
-Plastic Grind Machine
-Whistling yoyo

CLYW—total of 23, I bought none of them. Trade value is insane and the are bought even faster.

-Gnarwhal x 6
-Sasquatch x 5
-Chief x 4
-FG Avalanche x 3
-Avalanche x 2
-Glacier Express
-BVM x 2

OD—total of 12, I bought 5 of them, 4 from David at the shop. Trade value is pretty good.

-Code 1 x 4
-Code 2 x 4
-Cafe Racer x 2

(SR) #7

Sir… I want to be you. lol


I don’t have them all right now but this is just over the course of my trades and whatknot, hehe. Way more YYF that I though…and then I started counting and I had to write them down.


Mostly One Drop. I have 6 right now. Looking to pick up a Cascade in the coming month.


I only have one yoyo. My One Drop Burnside! Maybe someday I’ll order a shiny new Cascade, maybe. If I get a big fat bonus at work or something.


The numbers tell me that I have more YYJ throws than anything else. Some are repeats, 3 Speeders, 3 DM2’s, 4 Aquarius, 6 Unleashed. Kinda pads the numbers up.

I like their products. Good stuff.

I also like a lot of other stuff too.


As far as I’m concerned, it’s YYR without a doubt:

Messiah x3
Sleipnir x5
Stargazer v2 x3
Overdrive x2


For me it’s SPYY

-El Ranchero
-Addiction v2

(SR) #14


(Jerrod) #15



You guys are just talking about ones you have had over time right?? If this is what is currently in your collections an intervention might be in order. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only counting the yoyos I like, It appears I have mainly YYF’s with a whopping 2!



Code 2



Clyw for sure
11 Chiefs
2 Sasquatch
1 Avalanche
1 Peak
1 Glacier Express
3 Canvas
1 Bassalope

I had a Gnarwhal, but I traded it for a Sasquatch. Also had a 12th Chief, but that got involved I’m a series of trades that resulted in a Canvas.

Probably YYJ in second


YYF,with 12, makes up the bulk of my collection with YYR and C3 running distant second with 5 throws each.



YYF! in my opinion just a better built yoyo.


YYF, but I’m going to start getting different brands!