The Yomega Fireball

I started late 60s/early 70s with an imperial I guess. But I assume most who are 30-40 today probably spent a lot of time with a fireball or maybe a raider. They were everywhere.


I started (not counting when I was a little kid) in the late 80s with a few imperials and a No Jive. For some reason I never got a butterfly. Now it’s the shape I use the most (though I’m still waiting to get a real fixed butterfly). In the 90s, I just stumbled across some of the ones that came out during the boom and that included a few Yomegas like the Fireball and a few BCs.


I remember when I had to have a raider


The OG itself



I started with my trusty Yomega X-Brain which I still throw today. It helped me grow into other yoyos which is making the hobby more and more exciting!


Oh man I use to have renegade and was fun they were a cool company. It came with the demo cd

I loved raider and fireball I use to have a blue fireball and a clear black raider was great it got me into the hobby back in 98

Got me a new fireball, brain, and raider :grin:. Feel just like the 90s again


story time!

My first yoyo!

It was indeed a fireball. Blue. I’m the middle of 3 boys and while growing up my parents would give us one larger gift (EX: sega genesis, N64, backyard swing set)

One year it was a HUGE BOX ended up being a large screen tv box. we open the box to find another box, repeat repeat repeat until it gets down to 3 tiny little boxes. Each with a different fireball color in it.

Oh how far we’ve came!


So cool to hear! I remember going to my friends house and he had a green fireball. Got my parents to get me a red one :grin:

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