The yo-yo guy is here!

I stopped to pick up a Maid-Rite sandwich on the way home from work tonight. After the girl took my order she walked back to the kitchen and yelled; “Hey everybody, the yo-yo guy is here.” Someone else shouted; “I know, I saw him come in.”

How do you like that, I’m “the yo-yo guy” now.
(Please, don’t anyone tell “Q”. The title is rightfully his.)

Not to be confused with “Mr. YoYoguy” who lives in the southeast and is much younger, much better looking and much more talented.

Aww, shucks.


You’re on your way to being a local legend.

Hey that’s great! That must have been nice to hear that!

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i cant wait to have something like that happen to me

Not enough people realize what I’m doing is yoyoing for this to happen to me.

And it’s cool that this happened! Local legend today… Yoyo legend tomorrow…

What is Legyoyo doing over there?

I don’t know. Knitting a sweater maybe? Or is that what they call macramé? I’m not sure.

haha. I think it’s more like “what the world? Just walk away, jut walk away. Don’t wanna get hit”

But one time this guy saw my yoyo on my holster. And I was able to show off a bit. Good times good times.

According to Andre you should become known as the yoyo guy/yoyo man/etc. Once you do boingy boing… I wish it was that easy :smiley:

Worked for me! I’m one of the two yoyo guys at the McDonald’s next to my work. :wink: (we go in there twice a day for coffee. I go in very occasionally for food)

Perhaps if I visited places regularly. That’s probably what’s up. There’s one couple that walks around our block, and they say good job when they see me yoyoing out front. So it must just be the ‘regular’ that I’m missing in this equation.