The very rare worst yo-yos?


The Nine Dragons is sooo loud and vibey though. I understand this is due to the (very complex) experimental design with the outer shell and so on… but when your yo-yo needs a whole FAQ page explaining issues with it…

… maybe that’s an experiment which has, shall we say, run its course? :rofl:


Would say the Metal drifter is a bad one that’s still for sale.

OG gruntbull orbis was garbage too but rev g is definitely the worst.


OK, going from the “least favorite” angle:

  • Duncan- Ballistic

  • YYF- Horizon Ultra

  • YYJ- SpinFaktor 2

  • Tom Kuhn- Pocket Rocket

Maybe I shouldn’t have included the Horizon Ultra, since it’s still available. Obviously, it’s not a horrible yoyo. I just found it to be a huge disappointment.

This post has been sitting in the cue. I didn’t sent it because usually these worst yoyo topics are shut down, and I have a current model on my list. I always thought that we should be able to talk about yoyos we don’t like, so I’m glad to see this still here.

I came back, and was surprised to see my post still waiting, so…

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Yongju Uranus. Fantasticly bright light up yoyo, great for that. Terrible player.

CLYWxSPYY Galactic goose for the rims that catch the string! The lesson: Always prototype first

YYF Mighty Flea. I know y’all love it but it’s really a terrible yoyo.

Duncan Imperial. It’s the only thing you can find in stores in Canada and I swear it’s why we have so few yoyoers. 5 minutes with that thing as my first yoyo and I’d quit too.


The DV888 gets an unreal amount of hate. It’s not my favorite yoyo, it probably hardly anyone’s favorite yoyo anymore, but it’s solid enough. There have been yoyos released that are literally defective, that fall apart after a few throws, that cut strings faster than a machete, that wobble so badly you can’t even make them sleep. The DV888 is fine.

Ed’s list, on the other hand, is great. Yoyo videos are awesome, but I do miss yoyo blogs. It’s still today a pretty solid list, even if I do have a soft spot for one or two yoyos on the list.


@Old_Yoer Ed’s list may be fine enough, and it’s hilarious, but it’s referencing yo-yos from ~20 years ago. I don’t think that list is relevant to today’s yo-yo design at all. Not even a little.

Yes, definitely, the idea is to hone in on what aspect of the design made it a bad yo-yo, not just pour haterade all over stuff :wink:

For example what sunk the Nine Dragons is flat out complexity – so many rotating parts in close proximity to each other with such fine rotational tolerances. But that’s OK, it was an experiment, not a gross error of design judgment or anything.

Funny story, even after we were done testing this Magicyoyo n12 for vibe by hitting one half it repeatedly with a hammer, and (eventually) throwing it into concrete with increasing force to simulate “accidents”… my 9 year old son turns to me in the final testing after throwing it and says …

Still plays smoother than the Nine Dragons!

ouch… ice burn… that was not a statement I had prompted in any way, nor had I brought that yo-yo up recently with him that I can think of. (I sold mine here on the b/s/t, for $25, many months ago).

I want to second this one, I was so excited to get a pocket rocket and then after throwing it a few times… it immediately went on the shelf. For me, the “friction pads” are the element that breaks it. As far as mini responsives go, you are better off converting a Popstar to responsive, which is actually an amazing throw set up that way.


Assuming you folks are talking about the metal pocket rocket that model is almost 20 years old.

And the 9 dragons seems a bit unfair to be on a list like this. It’s intentionally very different from a normal yoyo so can’t be expected to perform like a normal yoyo.

And I was the one that normally removed these kinds of threads. This one has stayed on course nicely. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


But you can’t tell me the DV888 is worse than the Rev-G. I guess it’s just a question of how it’s defined. Yoyos that didn’t meet your expectations or have certain problems might be more accurate. YoYoFactory hasn’t spent the last ten years putting out multiple of the worst yoyos ever made.


Also true of the yoffy… just because it is “intentionally different” doesn’t mean that those differences were… uh… good?

Agreed, the list citing yo-yos from ~2000 is an objectively (much) worse list than the list citing yo-yos from ~2018. For sure there has been great progress in the field of yo-yo design since 2000!


When was the morph master made? It’s probably to old… Whatevs I still hate it!

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I’ve got another contender: meet the Eppendorf


Eppendorf is a centrifuge manufacturer, you know those round things that scientists put those little tubes of liquid into and it spins really fast to separate the different components of the liquids inside the tubes?

Well they have this model that [I think] came out recently that has a special cap that goes into it. Does the cap look familiar?

So I guess someone who works for this company likes to play with yo-yos and figured out a way to turn these caps into a yo-yo. Thus, the Eppendorf was born.

They did not sell these, but instead they were offered as a free incentive to fill out a simple survey on their website. This news was dropped into the yoyo community on Instagram and I just couldn’t help myself. I went and filled out the survey, literally like 5 questions, and about a week later this little guy showed up in my mailbox. I actually thought this whole exchange was hilarious.

The yoyo came setup responsive, and I don’t have a scale but this thing is way too heavy to be a responsive yo-yo. It was kind of terrifying to play it responsive. So I threw a regular size C bearing in there, and this thing is a novelty at best. The weight distribution is all over the place, it is the heaviest yoyo I have, and those raised ridges in the catch zone are extremely frustrating because the string gets caught on them regularly during play.

It is collectively the most unique, worst, [rarest?] and terrifying yo-yos that I have in my collection.

I think this is a pretty good contender for this list


That’s kind of rad!

And terrible at the same time.


Was that survey recent? I saw one of these and heard a similar story about how to get them quite a long time ago. Maybe a year or more. I’d like one. :slight_smile:


Survey is still up on the website. I kind of want one also. I’m just not sure I can get myself to lie and pretend that I’m some lab looking for a centrifuge.

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@vegabomb yeah it was a pretty good while ago. A year sounds about right. I did land a good clean finger spin on that side cup once

@photogeek it’s technically not lying. I mean, the questions are super vague and I’m pretty sure expected people to do the survey just for the yo-yo. It’s not like a legitimate full-length survey, I think they just needed some way to get the yo-yos out into the public without actually selling them.

And I’m also certain that they closed down the yoyo promotion, unless they made more of them and decided to continue doing it. But they ran out pretty quick from what I remember

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You have really landed on something interesting here!

Also, yes. Yes it looks terrible.

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You got it all wrong, man! The purpose here is to learn from our yo-yo design mistakes, that’s how we turn that frown upside down! :upside_down_face:


Yeah good luck my wife is a literal scientist who works for a biotech company and uses these kinds of machines for real, and even she never got a reply from that form.

It got ruined by being posted on reddit with an implicit invitation to “fill it out and get a free yoyo” :frowning:

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Merry Christmas to you as well sir, sorry to be a Debbie downer. I was just going through my collection last night and found this little guy. Thought I would share its interesting backstory with the community.

For the record, this thing really is pretty terrifying to use. You know how high wall organic yo-yos that don’t have a response bump are easy to steer and can be pretty sassy if your technique is not clean? This yoyo is straight up bipolar. One slight mistake and you’ve got a serious chunk of aluminum straight to the knuckles. :dizzy_face: