The very rare worst yo-yos?


Anybody that agrees the DV888 and the Daydream should be on any worst yoyo list; hasn’t thrown enough yo-yos to draw that conclusion.

The DV888 ‘is’ a dated design. And amazingly; just about every single product released in 2009 is also dated to one degree or another. Time doesn’t stand still. It marches on and some designs build on what we have learned as we move along.

To me; using just the very best yo-yos you have; is not my idea of fun. My personal choice is to constantly change what I am throwing. Or at least; have an every day carry but still have a daily rotation of yo-yos at various performance levels.

Most yo-yos offer different positives and negatives. Life is much less boring if you constantly confront yourself with a challenge… like trying to do Spirit Bomb on a fixed axle. Or trying to do And Whut on a responsive yoyo.

… I think a thread about the Worst opinions would/could be potentially more accurate than a Worst yo-yos list.

Even some of the worst playing yo-yos can be fun and definitely challenging.

And for some of the guys that only have one yoyo; even if it’s the worst yoyo; it’s the best yoyo they have.

I have hundreds of yo-yos. They are not all the best playing yo-yos. But they do mostly have one thing in common. Few of them have dust on them.

My worst yo-yos list of 5: Rev-g…Rev-g… Rev-g… Rev-g and the Aerobie Aerospin. :nerd_face:


Reading this and other threads, I wasn’t understanding all the DVhatehatehate. I had to take mine out and play it for a while to see what all the negativity was about. Sure, things have changed in the last 9 years and maybe it shouldn’t command the current going price of $30 new but it’s not that bad of a yoyo. It’s fun to talk about best/worst etc but it all comes down to one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, etc, etc.


Just gonna throw it out there, but night moves 5. Every time I use it for about an hour it just stinks. (I mean it literally stinks… like almost a rubbery smell.) I spent $115 on a metal that was frankly disappointing for it’s time, and then we add that it stinks. Cue the trumpets WOMP WOMP.


To clarify are people hating the vintage Dv888 or the newest incarnations. I bought one recently and it’s been nerfed. It had a skinny bearing a slightly more roundy shape and pads that poke out of the recessed space. I love my old Dv888 I got from minusmike, but I hate the one I picked up from my local planetarium.


In this thread at least they seem to be talking about the 2009 DV888.


@yoyodoc Hard to believe the Duncan Butterfly didn’t make your list :wink:


I have my list. PS my experience means these are big 3 companies or former big 3 companies.

5. YYJ Black Knight
It feels like a heavy imperial. Its to heavy and it’s just a little on the small side. It’s really not bad, but I just don’t like it.
4. YYF North Star
I know I will take some heat for this, but I have not played one that was smooth. I know its a favorite for a lot of people, but I just get earthquake vibe. Give me the protostar any day.
3. Duncan Metal Racer
South park put it best “I’m braking up with you. I can’t fix you” It’s jumpy it’s too light, and I can’t get it not to be. $20 spent and I can’t have these issues
2. YYJ Nightmoves 5
“Every time I use it for about an hour it just stinks. (I mean it literally stinks… like almost a rubbery smell.) I spent $115 on a metal that was frankly disappointing for it’s time, and then we add that it stinks. Cue the trumpets WOMP WOMP.”
1. Yomega Xodus.
I bought it brand new and the only time I was happy was when it broke. It had earthquake vibe terrible response failed to be off string 1A or anything else. I feel like the xodus was the sidekick pro before there was a sidekick pro.

But this is all opinions .


Oh man, the Xodus is just so horrible! I wonder what on earth they were thinking when Yomega released this one. I can’t name another yoyo where absolutely everything about it is so awful like this one.

And now that Xodus has become part of the predictive text library in my phone, I will delete it immediately.


I dunno @Tvelto has thrown hundreds. That said, bear in mind the DV888 is #5 on his list, not #1… it’s “meh” and dated but it’s not gonna give you a terminal disease or anything :wink:

Right and that’s fine for something we buy off the #buy-sell-trade like for example I got a YYJ Eneme and I’m not too enthused by how it performs either. Turns out it was also released in 2009 – it’s basically a metal X-Convict. But selling a gimped, problematic 2009 design in 2018 as a new yoyo marketed to everyone … seems more than a bit odd. If you’re gonna manufacture and sell a yoyo in 2018, why not sell… and I’m gonna go out on a limb here so bear with me as I enter CRAZY PANTS TOWN :clown_face: for a moment … a modern, good yo-yo design? As I said in my first post …

… so that makes the rare ones that aren’t… kind of stand out, doesn’t it? And the “why” of that, is interesting to me, and I think should be interesting to yo-yo designers and yo-yo companies.

Nobody has been able to buy a new Rev-g for 20 years, at any price. Here’s a more interesting take on the discussion, and my challenge to you – name a yoyo made and released in the last six years that has serious design flaws.

I’ll go first: Nine Dragons :wink:


That’s an EASY challenge…The Breathe :-1:


I don’t know man. I always have fun messing around with the 9 dragons and trying to come up with something new with it.

Yeah, the string eating cuts in that one just made it kind of scary to play with.


Not to mention the price point it was sold at was just as ridiculous as the design :laughing:


The Nine Dragons is sooo loud and vibey though. I understand this is due to the (very complex) experimental design with the outer shell and so on… but when your yo-yo needs a whole FAQ page explaining issues with it…

… maybe that’s an experiment which has, shall we say, run its course? :rofl:


Would say the Metal drifter is a bad one that’s still for sale.

OG gruntbull orbis was garbage too but rev g is definitely the worst.


OK, going from the “least favorite” angle:

  • Duncan- Ballistic

  • YYF- Horizon Ultra

  • YYJ- SpinFaktor 2

  • Tom Kuhn- Pocket Rocket

Maybe I shouldn’t have included the Horizon Ultra, since it’s still available. Obviously, it’s not a horrible yoyo. I just found it to be a huge disappointment.

This post has been sitting in the cue. I didn’t sent it because usually these worst yoyo topics are shut down, and I have a current model on my list. I always thought that we should be able to talk about yoyos we don’t like, so I’m glad to see this still here.

I came back, and was surprised to see my post still waiting, so…


Yongju Uranus. Fantasticly bright light up yoyo, great for that. Terrible player.

CLYWxSPYY Galactic goose for the rims that catch the string! The lesson: Always prototype first

YYF Mighty Flea. I know y’all love it but it’s really a terrible yoyo.

Duncan Imperial. It’s the only thing you can find in stores in Canada and I swear it’s why we have so few yoyoers. 5 minutes with that thing as my first yoyo and I’d quit too.


The DV888 gets an unreal amount of hate. It’s not my favorite yoyo, it probably hardly anyone’s favorite yoyo anymore, but it’s solid enough. There have been yoyos released that are literally defective, that fall apart after a few throws, that cut strings faster than a machete, that wobble so badly you can’t even make them sleep. The DV888 is fine.

Ed’s list, on the other hand, is great. Yoyo videos are awesome, but I do miss yoyo blogs. It’s still today a pretty solid list, even if I do have a soft spot for one or two yoyos on the list.


@Old_Yoer Ed’s list may be fine enough, and it’s hilarious, but it’s referencing yo-yos from ~20 years ago. I don’t think that list is relevant to today’s yo-yo design at all. Not even a little.

Yes, definitely, the idea is to hone in on what aspect of the design made it a bad yo-yo, not just pour haterade all over stuff :wink:

For example what sunk the Nine Dragons is flat out complexity – so many rotating parts in close proximity to each other with such fine rotational tolerances. But that’s OK, it was an experiment, not a gross error of design judgment or anything.

Funny story, even after we were done testing this Magicyoyo n12 for vibe by hitting one half it repeatedly with a hammer, and (eventually) throwing it into concrete with increasing force to simulate “accidents”… my 9 year old son turns to me in the final testing after throwing it and says …

Still plays smoother than the Nine Dragons!

ouch… ice burn… that was not a statement I had prompted in any way, nor had I brought that yo-yo up recently with him that I can think of. (I sold mine here on the b/s/t, for $25, many months ago).

I want to second this one, I was so excited to get a pocket rocket and then after throwing it a few times… it immediately went on the shelf. For me, the “friction pads” are the element that breaks it. As far as mini responsives go, you are better off converting a Popstar to responsive, which is actually an amazing throw set up that way.


Assuming you folks are talking about the metal pocket rocket that model is almost 20 years old.

And the 9 dragons seems a bit unfair to be on a list like this. It’s intentionally very different from a normal yoyo so can’t be expected to perform like a normal yoyo.

And I was the one that normally removed these kinds of threads. This one has stayed on course nicely. Thanks everyone. :slight_smile:


But you can’t tell me the DV888 is worse than the Rev-G. I guess it’s just a question of how it’s defined. Yoyos that didn’t meet your expectations or have certain problems might be more accurate. YoYoFactory hasn’t spent the last ten years putting out multiple of the worst yoyos ever made.