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Hey guys and gals! I took a two month break because I went to Usaf basic. I am back but after joining I got a different outlook on yoyos. I use to only collect, but now I feel that others deserve to play with the things I let collect dust.

I am in tech school so I have limited access to computers. I have been using the app on the iPhone so please bare with me. I will be getting pictures up ASAP.

This is not my full collection, this is just a small piece that I got sent to base, so be on the lookout in the next few months for some goodies.

I know I will be regretting this, but having others have fun with the things I never played will make it worth it. Everything is mint unless noted. The mint in box ones, have never been played with. If it is not mint, I got it in that condition.

Pictures will come soon so please stay tuned. Prices include shipping with tracking. Thanks!!!

1 of 2 ****** majesty solid blue. NIB $125

Vinyasa majesty NIB- 125

Purple/gray 7075 majesty mint no box. $120

Ppm majesty (6065) one ding ( links had it originally)- $115

Fools gold ill vibe black avalanche. Mint no box- $50 SOLD

Fools gold hulk smash chief. Mint no box. $70 SOLD

Werrd hour mint no box. Purple. -$40

The boxes are at home, sorry guys! The list below will be the throws I add in the next few weeks/months once I get home on leave. Thank you for the time guys!

Mib ppm 6065 majesty
B grade aman model 10
Prepro black/red model 10
Aman a grade model 10
1 of 2 special aman model 10
Concerete blizzard puffin
H5chief northern lights
Dog fish avalanche
Black green speckle ac
Black and copper splash Sasquatch
Diets green

Thanks all!


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I need that h5 chief



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