FS: Powdercoated Majesty, Metallic Blue with Mirror Blue Cup and Polished Hub

7075 Majesty. Bought it raw, direct from Gen-Yo. Sent it to mullicabob, who did a superb custom powdercoat job on it. Those are the pics he took, I will upload more taken by me soon or can send them via text on request.

What can I say? This thing is one of the best yoyos out there, and it looks great. In near mint condition, no visible damage, just inherent tiny flaws from the powdercoat masking process. I can send you as many pictures as you’d like though so you can see for yourself how good it looks.

For sale only, unless you really think you’ve got a trade that’ll get my attention. Make an offer. I’m thinking somewhere in the $100 range, but just let me know what you’d like to pay for it, and we’ll talk. Thanks!

Bump. Got a standing offer for $100. If anyone else wants it, bid higher. I am going to close this in a day or two though, so let me know.