Old yoyos for sale


  • Lots sold.
    -added conditions. The peak is peak2. PM for pics of damages.

Need pocket monies for my summer trip.

Only looking for $$$$. Trade offers will be ignored and I will only respond to serious inquiries. Kind of a busy bee so lets not waste each other’s time. Buzz buzz

Starting from top-left:
2x Ashiru Kamui- Mint w/ box
YYJ- Fiesta xx - 15$
2x Yoyomonster- checkmate - 3a marks
Recess- Weekend - beat up,KEEPING
Werdd- Split Decision - OFFER
YYR- Sputnik - near mint
8x YYJ- Sunset Trajectory - SOLD
2x Yoyojoker- vortex - mint w/ box OFFER
X3- aware - OFFER
YYJ- Phenomizm - SOLD
YYF- shutter - near mint SOLD
YYF- 2009 Kentaro Superstar - beat, no vibe
2x Turning Point- Basilisk - 3a marks w/ pouch SOLD
CLYW- FoolsGold chief(24 stories) - mint w/ box SOLD
CLYW- Arctic Circle(Yogi edition) - ( 1 ding, rim edge scuffs) w/box SOLD
Gen-Yo- Hatrick - near mint
Gen-Yo- Majesty - mint w/ box SOLD
Gen-Yo- 5* v2 - near mint SOLD
YYF- Genesis - beat,vibe,wobble 25$
YYJ- xcon(2?) - SOLD
YYF- Superwide - SOLD
Luftverk- Octavia - OFFER
Stealth Ogre - 3a marks (will keep if I don’t get the price I’m looking)

YYR- Gleipnir - 3a marks SOLD
YYR- Stargeizer v2 mint w/ box SOLD
Gold plated Recrev “i”- near mint, has some vibe/wobble
YYF- Big Deal - 1 of the ring holding the stacks is missing/near mint SOLD
CLYW- BBB peak2 - mint w/ box SOLD
1 Loop 720 - 5$
1 Loop 900 - 5$



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Wow that Split Decision is indeed a rarity

As is the YYF Big Deal


I know right! YYF big deals are super rare and there has been two on the forums in the past month


Pm sent



OOOooooooH Octavia… :+1:

By far the most unique looking hub from any angle

What finish is the Octavia? Looks like AMS, the others were gold and blue?

its a bronze one, he told me VIA PM.


Wooow, I had no idea the co-founder of stackoverflow is a thrower. Small world, huh?

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