The Unspoken MURMUR is back in new colors! Special YYE Edition!

The Murmur is a mid-sized yo-yo that fits nicely in the hand. It has a pleasant nimble feel on the string, but begs for a controlled touch, as mindlessly going through tricks can tip it off axis. This extra focus can help in perfecting a trick and allow you to truly express yourself through yo-yo. Your voice need not be louder than a murmur, as you can let the yoyo and the trick speak for you.

Releasing Saturday 5/18 @ 8PM EDT.


Oh man, and just when I thought I was done buying yoyos for a while! Curse you Unspoken!


One of my all time favorite organics.


I finally picked one of these up. It wasn’t love at first throw but it has since really grown on me. It’s an excellent throw. The finish is superb, it’s super comfortable on the catch, and mine is dead smooth. IMO this is one of the nicest looking yo-yos I’ve ever seen.