The Trinity

Has anyone tried one yet? I am really interested in this yoyo but don’t want to get it without hearing how it plays.

well by the fact that it came out yesterday, and shipping is 2-3 days I doubt many people have even heard of it let alone even buy it or have received it yet.

It’ll be a good yoyo. If it wasn’t, they wouldn’t have made it.

it is a pretty good yoyo
but i dont have it

That’s not true. But I’m sure it’s a pretty good yoyo.

yah it is pretty good

Yes… yes it is. No yoyo released today is bad…


cough yyf OS cough

I find it very interesting to ask about yoyo that was releashed yesturday. Only special people such as yyj team or people who were at the yoyo competetion got to try it.

yah that is true!
because it takes shipping 2-3 days for a yoyo to come from this website

i know this is sorta late to post this but Andre let me use his at NER i liked it and my friend bought one a couple days ago it is just a dark magic but all metal like what they did with the xcon and eneme

Heres the link for the review by ibanezcollector on youtube: