The Ti-Vayder Experience


hello there.

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General kenobi!


Not smack talking the TiWalker, but since you had the original scanned I thought I’d give you a heads up in case you don’t already know this, codinghorror - the bearing post on the original was ill-designed and implemented. It was either too long, or too thick - it’s been quite a few years and I don’t remember which - but it was clear on the examples I saw and the one that I owned that they were galling. This is an easy fix that won’t at all change the play characteristics.


you are a bold one.


There are actually a number of … minor manufacturing oddities … that became apparent when you looked real closely at a scan of a Ti-Walker! For example, we noticed that the drilling for the axle posts pushed the hub out with a small dimple point because the axle cuts were so incredibly close to the edge! Also the cup wasn’t totally flat on one of the sides, for unknown reasons.

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Kill him!


There was some drama back in the day, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to dredge it all up. It’s still here and fully searchable if you know where to look though … :wink:


I’d forgotten about the hub - you could feel that on some (or was it all?) of them as I recall. I feel like there was also something off with the threading, but I’m not 100%. Anywho, sounds like you’re well on top of all of this. :+1:

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Woah. I wish i knew enought about the Ti Walker to be hyped about this. But in any case, Ti at a reasonable price point is amazing by itself.

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Well you were having trouble contacting him. I figured that might be a good reason why. He probably wants to keep a good distance between himself and the yoyo community.


On the one hand Id love to get a cheap ti(how cheap are we talking here?) but on the other Im not sure how I feel about just stealing someone elses design…

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I understand the ethical impulse to resist buying a copy of someone else’s design. I have to wonder, though, given the original designer’s exit from the industry, if the design shouldn’t be considered a form of abandonware.

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Or the ti-fighter! So many choices!


Damn @codinghorror breaking the game!!

Grey is the best. Pleasantly surprised to see ceramic bearings on these bad bois!

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I mean the total industry exit wasn’t that far back really… he intended to make more yoyos within the last year. The entire set of circumstances of it make it a lot more ethically palatable, however…


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Looks like Heath could potentially be bit annoyed with the remake.


I see where you’re coming from for sure, but I’m very much so pro Ti-Vayder. I’ve heard people say that if more Ti-Walkers were made, it would hurt the collectibility and prestige, but these aren’t truly Ti-Walkers.

The Ti-Walker will always be the true Ti-Walker, I think of this more as a fantastic thing to happen to the community, and less a bad thing to happen to collectors, or like you’re saying, to Heath. I personally don’t think this tarnishes the original and I am really excited to see this happen. Maybe I’d have a different opinion if I did have a Ti-Walker currently though :man_shrugging:

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i feel that heath intended to do another run of tiwalkers ANYWAYS, so really codinghorror doing it instead shouldn’t be any different (unless heath wanted to make some cash through the rerun as well…)


I didn’t really read all of this yet. It’s a lot to process and it’s midnight here.

I don’t think this was handled correctly at all, but who am I to lecture proper procedure right?

Anyways, I’m here now so let’s see where this will go.

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:flushed: Oh-oh.