The stuff i got at Georgia state

these are the two throws worth a mention that i got at the Georgia state yoyo contest

The first one is a 2008 888 special edition which i polished last night and it looks amazing. The second is of course a yyf 2014 genesis pulsar edition. The genesis is the reason why i didn’t come back with more throws, it took most of my money to get it.

I recall you also getting a SuperNova, correct? You took it at the same time that I was thinking on buying. :smiley:

I plan on getting one from YYE soon though.

I don’t have pictures, but I came back with three new ones, a Neaue, Super G, and 2012 Genesis. The last two play to perfection.

i did not get a supernova i wish i had but i didn’t after i bought the genesis i only had 25 bucks left which is going to a much needed display rack now that i have some very cool throws.

I was totally there.