The String Shack: Jack-O-Lanterns Review

Hey guys here is my review for the String Shack Jack O Lanterns!

Price: 5$ for a pack of ten plus 2$ shipping
First Impressions: Sweet color! Normal legnth as most strings. Great for slacks and suicides.
String Tension: Definitely one of the best strings I have used in this category. Holds for a very long time.
Stiffness: It is a little stiff when you first get it but it breaks in very quick.
The string is soft on your hands but not to soft if that makes sense.
For slacks and suicudes it is great!
Whips are very good, the loops don’t twist very much if at all.
A little thick but not like any fat string.
Looks: It is beautiful string. And is very bright and catching.

Here it is with my Puffin.

Plays great and is very good on your hands. Definitely my favorite string.

Shouldn’t someone else be reviewing this since you are the maker?

Whips? Thickness? Suicides/stiffness? Price?

Wow how informative, detailed, and well composed.


I dont make it. A buddy of mine does.


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got to admit the string looks nice!

Yeah check out there facebook page.