Review of James Reed's SICK STRING! (OG and OG XP)

Review of

Out of the package:
The packaging was very professional. He included a small cut-out of “Sick String”, in the small plastic bag. Each string was individually wrapped with, the price and the name. I received two strands of “Original XP”, one of “Black Magick”, one of “Original”, one of “Original Thin” and one of “Premium”.
All the colours seemed to be very well chosen.

Original Thin:
First thoughts:
I must say that this is my absolute favourite out of the string he sent me.  Super soft, super smooth.

Amazing. The whips were consistent, and very reliable. The string tension was awesome as well.

The slacks that it performed were definitely above average…but not like…

If you’re looking for suicides, look further…’cause this ain’t got it. I’m sorry, but these strings seemed to twist up quite a lot. They were amazing with double on stuff, but not with single stuff…hmmm. …Strange…

Burns:NO BURNS WHATSOEVER! They were SUPER smooth. No string burn! I repeat NO STRING BURN!

This is an amazing string. Cheap, smooth, whips, slacks, all great. I definitely recommend this string

Compared to 100% poly highlights

Original XP:
When I took them out, they very nearly burned my eyes! I received one orange and  one lime green.

THIS STRING IS DA BOMB AT WHIPS! SUPER easy whips super fast, the string seems to be magnitized to the gap of the yoyo! ITS UNCANNY!

This is is definitely awesome at whips. This is definitely an awesome slack string!


A little rougher then original, but good enough that there is NO discomfort.

Compared to 100% poly
A picture of the green and orange string as well.


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You just reviewed one of the formats?

Thanks a ton! I really apricate your review! :slight_smile: But my string isn’t really thick. It is about as thick as Highlights, Chaos, or any other string. The thin one is thiner, but the otherones are just as thick as normal string. And I think my string holds up to suicids really well, and I have had people say my string is awesome at suicides, but I guess that is just my opinion and some other peoples opion. But like I said, I really apricate your review! Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Ohh, and I took some extra pics of my string compared to some other string to show you the thickness.

He will update and review the other formats when he is done playing with the other formats. :wink:

~James Reed!

sorry if i accidently said something. The string really isn’t thick, its just that I am used to really thin string. :wink:

Really great strings for sure. After he left the yoyo meet yesterday, a lot of us were talking about them, and I heard nothing but positive feedback.

Bump for new review!

Thanks guys! :slight_smile: