The Space Thread

So, Let’s talk about space.

No edge.

matter takes up it.

we are on a rock floating in it.

space is where 2112 takes place.

Matter, including dark matter, takes up a relatively small percentage of the universe. Roughly 25% I think. Pretty neato.

entropy the enemy of all.

Considering that we used to believe dark matter was “everything else”, it’s a pretty big difference.

Black holes are enigmas…

25% seems huge.

About Space, though: it’s a place where no one can hear you scream.

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black holes are theoretical.

Nono, black holes very much exist.

With 4.6% being atoms.

I must have a really bad sense of humor
and I love learning about Pluto, I just love Pluto

Pluto the big space nothing.

like dude no edge!

Its weird to think about the universe being infinite. I try to imagine what it looks like. is it a ball? or is it just a flat expanding band? if it is infinite there has to be an end right? I love learning about space, and how it works.

teach me to the universe?

Come on guys… Seriously?

How do you feel about the companies taking low-earth-orbit into their own hands so that NASA can actually do something with their way undersized budget?

It is mind blowing to think about how big everything is. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend, and the distances between planets is crazy! The sun is incredibly far away and here on Earth it is blinding. It’s incredibly amazing.

Coming close to a location near you, real soon now…

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