Any physics freaks?

any other sience freaks ?because i am a totall physic freak


I am a retired marine chemist and science teacher…


I’m a science teacher (doing long-term substituting atm). Physics was a part of the appeal of yoyos for me.


I like physics and metaphysical stuff. But I couldn’t keep up with that thread here a while back where someone made a joke about multiple universes and wormholes and someone replied that actually a wormhole doesn’t connect different universes, just within one. So…umm. What now?

I heard the show “A world without NASA” on PBS last night was good, but of course missed it.


I love physics and teach a yoyo physics unit in my Science & Engineering classes (also skateboard physics while we’re at it). Dunno if that makes me a “freak” but it’s certainly fascinating!


Love that!

As a total layman…

Physicists have a responsibility, he said, to be more open and honest about the quantum enigma, which has been called the skeleton in the physicist’s closet. When Kuttner and Rosenblum proposed a course for nonmajors on the quantum enigma, one colleague told them that “presenting this stuff to nonscientists is the intellectual equivalent of allowing children to play with loaded guns.”

The enigma is when physics meets consciousness.

I mean, if that doesn’t get you reading… then look up Feynman. QED, the lectures, the pleasure of finding things out, surely you’re joking… Or maybe Deep Down Things?

As Feynman said, if one could fully understand the dual slit experiment, then one would understand quantum mechanics. Or Dogen, if one has understood the dew drop, one has understood the ocean.

Simply, Observation collapses the wave form into particle form, matter.

Or, as Zen says, What you see all depends on who is looking.


I’m an Isotope Geochemist and part of the reason I enjoy yoyos is because they are pretty different from what I normally do. I can just enjoy playing with this physics toy (yoyo) without thinking about it too much :slight_smile:


yea the most common theorie is that you (if you could ) go in a wormhole whithout diying you would travel to the future and also be far far away from the place you started so you would travel through time ( not in the past just to the future 'cause past is impossible) and space


Consciousness is energy and energy is consciousness.


Now your talkin. Wormholes cannot leave the time matrix they originate in, only move through it.

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what do you mean by that ?

the theorie i am talking about is about black and (white holes being linked together and creating a wormhole

A Time Matrix is a map of all of the timelines in which the consciousness moves that are simultaneously taking place, it is the mathematical program by which consciousness experiences time and matter. The Cosmic structure is multi-dimensional and time matrices are for the purpose of consciousness individualization into dimensionalization, in order to experience the perception of time.

Black holes link to other black hole finite life systems. Black holes draw in energy until all of the quantum of energy is gone (just like what is happening at the center of the Milky Way). White holes birth energy and send the quantum of energy through the system they are in. Both are different than wormholes.


one theorie says that a black hole gets a white hole after a long time and the white hole from the future and the black hole are linked together in some way and build a wormhole together so you get sucked in a black hole and spid out of the white hole

and that would solve the big problem that there is an endless small core in the black hole because endlessnes ( is that even a word ) are existing in maths but are a big problem in our real world. so the solution is the black hole can not get endless small but at some point it gets too full end transforms into a white hole

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PBS Space Time has a well received collection of simple to understand videos on black holes, space time and what occurs at event horizon and beyond. They place emphasis upon using science over make believe.


To all the people who have said they enjoy yoyoing for the physics of it:
You should consider to get into freehand/counterweight yoyoing! Freehand yoyoing is so much about pendulum motions. With just a small flick of my finger I can completely change how the yoyo + counterweight are moving and to me this is super satisfying.


That’s what was so neat about the dual slit experiment. Conscious observation collapses waveform into matter.

Test showed we collapsed the waveform just by watching. So physicist decided to try a remote viewing farther away from the test. The electron still knew if someone was watching or not even remotely through the camera in another room. Yet, if someone was watching even at a large distance remotely, collapse. If they quit watching, the second they did, waveform. So the electron knew if someone was watching in the room/lab or even remotely miles away on camera. They could not ‘fool’ the electron, it knew.

Same with entanglement. So crazy that the entangled particles respond instantly even over thousands of miles. Well faster than the speed of light for any type of ‘signal’ to cause the other particle to respond to the others stimulus instantly. Showing there is no such thing as distance in that scenario. So cool.

Like Einstein said -

Consciousness of self is the loss of energy on an unreal, non-existent figment of our imagination. It takes us out of the whole of consciousness where there is no separation, there are no separate parts. Where this ‘I’ or ‘me’ or ‘self’ is, the opposite (the whole) is not. Another quantum conundrum. Like philosophers have realized, where there is a consciousness of self, there is no truth. There is no love. There is no beauty. Love is, when ‘we’ are not. Beauty is, when ‘we’ are not. If the conscious mind begins to label, judge, or compare… beauty and love and truth are not. The consciousness of self is a trip!


Personally, the life changer for me happened one day when I was sitting under a tree.

An apple fell from the tree and hit me on the head.

I had an epiphany that very second and could literally see into the future.

I had this instant vision/realization of how things move.

With All this info upload, I was too distracted to finalize my long term goal in this life.

So, I quickly shifted my energy to a doable short term goal>

And ate the apple.

PS…. Dr.Watson handed this to me at Nationals in 2000. I was doing so much yoyo modding back then, I guess he thought I could center thoughts better with a better understanding of movement.

21 years later well setting up to take this image of the cover of the book for suggested reading, I just noticed that I got copy number two of 2000🙀

Seriously, I never noticed that before. I was in the park that day at nationals in Chico talking to a group of yo-yo players. I saw Dr.Watson walking across the park in a direct line to me like a torpedo. He stopped at the edge of the group kind of cleared his throat to dinner for his presents. He handed me the book and said Mo I just finish this and I want you to have it I think you need to read it. He smiled and said hi to the others in the group and without further explanation he just turned around and walked into the crowd.

Recommended reading if you can get a copy(this is only one in a series).