The Skyline from Yo-Yo Factory


Does anyone know of a good Skyline description or review? Does it take flowable silicone and 888 or YoYoJam silicone pads? Is the gold anodized version good for grinds, or is the dipped in gold and bead blasted better? What bearing does it use?

Any other information is well appreciated.

Thanks!! ;D

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I believe that the Skyline uses regular K-pad response.

On the rim-dipped Skylines, I think that just the black part is beadblasted, so there won’t be a HUGE grinding difference.

I think the newest runs of Skylines ship with SPEC bearings. These bearings are known to give very smooth spin.


Some guy on the forum made an awesome review ;):


I have never felt so excited about buying a new yo-yo. This is definitely my first metal, I’m am going to buy it now, in gold.

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Passes out due to the yo-yo’s awesomeness.


Also, it takes flowable silicone really well. I siliconed my skyline and it turned out awesome, in my opinion even better than the stock pads.


Thanks for the help guys, thanks to you, I will finally get my first metal. ;D


It will take flowable silicone, and uses YoYoFactory K-Pad response.

Beadblasted versions are better for grinding most of the time, though. But I believe that the gold version is anodized.