The Simpsons Episode S:3 E:16; Yo-Yo Craze?


Bart the Lover When a yo-yo craze sweeps over Springfield Elementary School, Bart’s errant yo-yo happens to break a fish tank, killing the class goldfish. Edna Krabappel sentences Bart to a month of detention. Bart decides to write phony love letters to her under the guise of a man who responded to her personal ad. Meanwhile, Homer tries to cut back on swearing after Flanders complains that Todd is picking up on the foul language.

Anyone find a link to this episode?

–Pm Please–


You can purchase the one episode you are looking for at the iTunes store for $1.99.


Also isn’t kwyjibo from the simpsons?


Yup. From all the way back in season 1 when the family are playing Scrabble.