The Simple Project (WIN A RECREV NEUAE)

Hey guys,

I’ve decided to create a new yoyo blog in the same fashion as the Innovation Movement or The Green Triangle project. It’s revolved around video contests, giving away some yoyos, and ultimately making some interesting tricks.  The objective is not to create the most technical tricks, but the most fun and visually appealing. My first contest I’m giving away a RecRev Neuae. Make sure to follow and enter the contest. There will be more to come.

Best regards,



Can we enter here or does it have to be a tumblr thing? Thanks for putting together a cool contest!

Followed and will enter! Looks like fun!

Just send the link to

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Do we have to accomplish both objectives at once, or can we do them separately?

Sorry didn’t specify that. Film one trick that fulfills any one of those criteria.

Awesome. I will have to enter.

Interesting… I’ll see what I can come up with. ;D

should I email this to you still even thought i already fb’d it to you?


Moved deadline to the end of the month. Go post your entries people. :slight_smile: