The Shed---BigYoyo Strings---Please Watch :)


Hey Everyone!
I finally got around to making a video! I’ve been yoyoing for about 8 months, so I’m not very great. The main reason I made this was to promote and get the word out about Bigyoyo Strings! The guy behind these strings is quite an amazing person. He makes unique strings that I have been thoroughly pleased with. All the strings I’ve used that are Bigyoyo Strings have never let me down!

He has several types and there will be more types to come (hopefully the one in this video will go into production). All of the types made are very whippy and soft on the hands. They take only like an hour or two to break in and after that they last pretty long. Bigyoyo String is affordable and every string is quality. If you’re interested in a purchase, price check, or and questions email him at or find “Bigyoyo” here on the yye forum!


Enjoy the video!

Any thoughts or criticism toward my video is welcome :slight_smile:




Now that’s a nice shed.


Haha! Its massive, my dad and I built it a few years back, its pretty messy on the inside, but its sweet! Thanks for watching logi!


I want that cascade too ;D oh well.


Haha, not too many nickel cascades out there. Its nice :wink:


What’s better about nickel? I have a nickel code 2.


In my opinion nothing. Haha. It looks great! But Its nearly impossible to grind with it. Thats why Im not a huge fan.


Lol, same here. But the finger prints!! Ugh.


Not a problem for me, I wax my nickel throws once a week. Haa




Wow that was cool I don’t know what else to say by the way what Yoyo is that is looks so cool…


That is a nickel plated Cascade.


Yep, I use turtle wax metal polish. Usually used for cars, but works for yoyos (any metals) as well! Its fantastic! Puts a nice shine on it for usually a week. By the 5-6 day it gets a little “dark” from finger prints and oil from our skin. Thats when I just wax again. :wink:




dope Son. Keep it spinning!! :slight_smile:


Haha, thanks man! Im gonna watch your club vid in a bit!






Bump :wink: