The R2009 Team Edition by Rollout

Here is the R2009 Team Edition by Rollout:

Weight 64g
Diameter 56mm
Width 42mm
Gap 5mm
Bearing 11x5x5 Koncave abec7
Response SRS

Great box!
The yo-yo exist in 2 versions, shiny blue or black matte
The classik version has a different packaging, a plastic box, but that’s nearly the same disposition in it.

The R2009 first inovation is the SRS (Slight Response System). It’s composed by holes filled with silicone (out of the box it’s “flush siliconed”)
and you can customise it by withdrawing or adding som silicone wherever you want! There are many combinations possible, it works even whithout any silicon at all
the holes are like a soft Starburst response. You can also do a recessed silicon response system. Really unique !

The finition is “sandblasted” wich provides a good grind and feels nice.

It’s an original shape wich gave him a Good distribution of the weight. Ensues from it a long spin and a perfect stability.
The concave bearing (dif yo KK) don’t remove any performance from the yo², we can also say that the performances with it are increased.

We can note that the axe is not longer than 1cm, and that distribute the weight outward the yo² ans the spikes in each parts allowed you to do the top.

This Yo² has nearly the same dimension as a PyroLight (Hspin).

A very good yo-yo with two good and original assets: The shape and the famous SRS - Slight Response System wich allows you to customize your response system easily.

To ended this review, we can conclue that this yo² will fit for all kind of games, and all kind of players thanks to all the inovations…

It looks so awesome. Makes me doubt on that CUT…


Awesome! How much does it cost/is it going to cost?

Great review and nice yo-yo. I got a proto one in trade and it is one sweet yo-yo.