The Quantum. Not a review, but a 'view'.

Well, I got a Brand new Quantum. I was going to do a deal with one of the guys and the ‘subject’ yoyo, was abruptly unavailable. I had already Paypal’d the money. The seller did not hesitate to offer me my money back. I knew the guy has a number of really nice yoyos, so I asked if he might have one I might find interesting?
He had a few Quantums and was so sure I would like the yoyo, he offered to send a Quantum to me.

I am not well known for liking ’ larger’ yoyos. When I helped Yoyojam design the : Mini Motrix, the Motu and the Micro Mo, the mission was to show that you could still have a High Performance yoyo, in a smaller diameter.

But this NSC Quantum really caught me by surprise. I prolly would not have gotten one, just based on the specs.

I am sure glad one literally came up ‘out of the blue’ so to speak. I am not saying it is ‘Miracle Good Status’, but it is so well made and plays so Sweet, it threw my size preferences right out the Window.

I had been playing with a Forte for the last several days, exclusively(what a nice yoyo). But I didn’t want to burn out on the Forte so I switched back to the Very Best ‘smaller’ yoyo that I have ever touched; the Ricochet.

Any trick I have learned over the years, I can punch out with the Ricochet, with a Quickness. The design of the Ricochet is simply Masterful. Add to that the slickest looking finish I have ever seen on a Ti yoyo. I got both colors because they both looked Serious.

… I got the Quantum today in the mail. Going from the Ricochet to the Quantum is pretty dramatic!

So I gave the Ricochet a rest and proceeded to go through my trick bag.

The Quantum has a very different ‘feel’ to it. If I just hold it in my hand and feel out whether it feels more toward rim weighting or core weighting, it actually feels neutral. But once I really started throwing it hard, I could feel the rim powered motion.

It only took me about 10 minutes to ‘warm up’ to the Quantum. I adapted to its’ different feel almost intuitively. < normally, I have to throw a yoyo for a few days before before I give it the Nod or just put in a Drawer. The Quantum broke a record for me… I just played it like it was my every day carry.

See, to me, I not only have to break in a new yoyo, but I have to ‘break in’ to using a new yoyo.

I know it is not exactly the same shape, but if you don’t look too closely, the Quantum kinda looks like a larger Avalanche. < I love the Avalanche.

I can count the larger yoyos I really like on one hand(not many). But I guess I am gonna have to grow another finger. Because the Quantum is a Keeper.

PS… One thing that I was compelled to do was change the bearing to a centertrac. The unshielded bearing that was in the yoyo was really loud. A small drop of thin lube made no difference. And the the shape and sweeping curve in the cup, creates a natural sound Amplifier. So the whole yoyo acts as a speaker for the bearing.

Slight update… Concerning the bearing. I had ‘no’ performance issue with the stock bearing. It is actually a higher performance bearing/ceramic/stainless hybrid/shields removed, etc.

I just happened to be from a small village where people don’t warm up to Loud bearings, easily, lol.

No doubt the yoyo works really well with a dead stock Centertrac. But now that I have been throwing the Quantum, I am going to change back to the Stock Quantum bearing. Out of respect to The Original ‘Recipe’ of the Quantum, it is only fair to see how it performs in the form it came to me. < minus the OG string. I have been mainly using String Labs: Ammo or type x.

A minor carping, but if I want to make some noise, I’ll start up my Harley.

08/17/13 update

I put the Stock Ceramic/stainless/hybrid/flat bearing back into the Quantum, after putting a drop of V4M lube. Then I threw the Quantum for a few hours(at least). The bearing spins really nice now. And… It is very quiet. Not silent, but quiet. That’ll work for me.

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This was great! I just got a quantum and it is a marvelous throw. Its funny because first thing i thought was wow, this is like a huge stable avalanche :wink:

Glad you guys like it - Thanks for the “view”, always love hearing your guys opinions.

For some reason, I thought nobody had any left for sale.

Now I see that Andre has some more in the Store!

As more get ‘out there’ I can’t wait to here what others think of the Quantum.

It is such a nice playing yoyo.

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Neato. I really want one of these, just not in the budget anytime soon.

Been using larger yoyos for counterweight lately and finding it’s a good feel for me. Thanks for the heads up on this one, hopefully they have some left the next time I get some yoyo money. :slight_smile:

Yodoc, who are you?

Just another yoer, you could say…

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Hehehehe :wink:

Hey, I’m about to get one of these in the mail… Looks like a great throw. I’m just curious, you say it resembles an avalanche, but it kinda looks more like a big 54 to me. Sometimes when I look at pics and try to imagine how it looks in real life (via specs and whatnot), I’m pleasantly surprised when I actually get it.

I guess either way I’ll find out in a few days. Just curious.

I sent the review unit that I used with HSYY back to NSC. Contact Jeffrey Pang and see if he still has it.

Such a fun yoyo.

So ive played with the quantum more and it is my new all time fave throw.

I would say that it plays as if a general-yo model 10 and clyw Avalanche had a big babby :wink: ha.

Also it is one of the smoothest throws ever. Feels very precise and well balanced on the string!

I just got mine. It’s pretty commanding and definitely uber smooth. I like the new bearing too.