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I had read only two major reviews on the Quark thus far, just google that and only two come up so if you read the same ones I did then you already have an idea.

Currently in my collection I have a Lyn Fury (which I stopped playing), a YYF Protostar, a YYF Chaotic, a YYF 888 2010 Yuuki edition, a YYJam Meteor, a YYJam X Convict, a Spyy Stryker, a Henrys Lizard and the new additions of the Quark and Spyy Pro and Rec Rev Sharp.

I was fortunate to be able to test the quark and the singularity and the remnant, yyf yuuksta , spyy pro and supra all side by side and ended up getting the Quark and Pro. (I liked the remnant too, a lot. but I did not get it obviously).

Quark Specs:
• Weight(g): 68.00
• Width(mm) 41.00
• Diameter(mm): 50.00
• Gap(mm): 4.50
• Bearing: C size Terrapin Treated

At first glance I thought the quark was too chunky and thick. But The thing is I wanted a heavy yoyo that was not full size so when I found the quark i was stoked. Some websites have it just shy of 69 grams I think 68 point something but this diff is the 100ths decimal wise which you can’t feel anyway. I liked the feel of this yo in my hand right away. I wear a large mens glove so, I compare it to having a ball bearing in your hand. its metal yet soft, and rounded on both axis. I read others saying that it is a weird shape but I don’t look at it that way. I throw hard so when I return it, it does not hurt your palm at all. Compared to the Stryker which has sharp edges and does hurt, this one is always soft on the return. It kind of soft thumps into your hand.

The weight does make a difference in stable play, comparing it with the chaotic which is also super stable but not as comfortable as the quark and that yo is ligher at 66 grms.

The bearing is terrapin treated, so my understanding is that its a great thing. However up until this point, day 2. I see no real difference yet as far as spin time goes. Something weird happened yesterday too. The bearing was real quiet out of the box. Other reviewer said the terrapin was real noisy and I did not hear a thing. Until maybe the 30th throw where suddenly the bearing was loud, like echo loud. I stopped throwing because i did not want to wake anyone up and today the sound was still there. But after maybe 15 more throws it is quiet again. I don’t get it but there it is.
One note about this yo, on the other review, the guy said that “this yoyo does not want to tilt” well Im here to say that it DOES tilt sometimes toward the latter part of the throw mostly during front style tricks. and its mostly because of the flat bearing. All flat bearings tilt a yo. I have not heard other players make this comment but since I have KK bearings on two yos and the central track bearing on the other 3. on straight or front style tricks there is no tilt with a concave bearing. but a flat bearing will tilt on front style tricks at some point because the string goes from one side to the other. I am not switching out the terrapin until i feel it broken in. and see how it matches up to the kk bearing before I decide.

The finish of the yoyo is the tumble bead blast which I believe is a different process from the regular bead blast but not wholly sure. Point is, it is very nice and satiny. has a nice sheen in the light, almost like aluminum foil. I have the flashy light purplish one. It kind of looks like a space age yoyo. The surface does not feel as smooth as what YYF put on the chaotic or the 888. The chaotic feels like glass and I think is hands down the best grinder, in my collection, but this one does just as good. and the finish is tough too. I got too close to the counter for playing in the kitchen (yo addict) and whacked it but it did not even blemish. Compared to the stryker or yyj meteor which I think leave much to be desired on this front.

String Theory’s quality control on the finish is not 100% though because mine has a pin size dimple on the surface of the outside rim and on the inside rim there is a quarter inch translucent spot there where the paint just did not cover. It’s a spot that you have to look for though, because its underneath the lip, recessed where the inside wall and lip join. but I did not care about it you know, the yo performs great and the dimple does not bother play at all, its just like a pretty little mole on a chic you know. hehe. I’m not bashing ST, because I love this yo, but just putting it out there.

Performance wise I think the Quark is really great and is in the top 2 of my whole collection. It is a really smooth player and I can’t seem to put it down. All that weight and so small. I put it side by side the 888 and it is slightly smaller all around. It fits great in your pocket too. I think the inner lip is superb for IRG’s and it does palm grinds great and arm grinds too. You’ll be happy with this yo. Side style tricks are easy, it has a pretty good catch zone and a wide enough gap for multiple layers. The catch zone has an angled design, not quite a strict H shape like the Chaotic, more of a protostarish soft V which easily guides the string into the gap.

Whips are handled well, although I am not very good at them. No drag on the string either like the meteor or x convict. There is minimal vibe. I throw hard but on a moderate throw there is no vibe. It plays fast and slow so you have the luxury to do what you want, and if the terrapin hype proves to be true then you’ll have extra spin time left over. The response system is the silicone pad type. And for the weight of this yoyo, it works just fine. Binds are tight but of course there is a flat bearing there.

The Quark in my opinion overall beats my older yos such as the Chaotic, Stryker, Meteor, and X Convict. I think the 888 still stands on its own, but in my collection the 888 is currently in 4thplace, after the Quark and Spyy Pro, and Rec Rev Sharp.

I have to commend ST for presenting us with cool designs and a great throw in a relatively short period of time of the company’s existence.

Well i think that wraps up this commentary. I hope that it will help others in some form. I will try to post a review of the spyy pro sometime soon.

I forgot to mention that this yoyo also has very decent float to it. off the trapeze you can go pretty high with it and it does offer good hang time so to speak.

The other Yo’s present in the pics are the 888 yuuki edition, the yyf chaotic, the yyf protostar and the yyj meteor and the japanese version of the x convict which is called the green flash and the spyy stryker.

Thanks folks!

Ok the update I have about this throw is that on day 5 I believe the Terrapin bearing is running even smoother than before and even more Quiet! I am simply amazed. Also the finish seems to feel even silkier than on the first day.

I also wrote the String Theory people about my floating axle pet peeve and they have shown me the light. The explanation is that the threaded holes are just deep enough so that when you screw the yoyo back together it sits fully seated on both sides. And if the axle should ever be damaged it would be easier to replace. Finally if anyone wants to loctite the axle in place it would not affect the yoyo in any form.

FINAL UPDATE: Last night I decided to switch out the Terrapin bearing for my trusty KK bearing and guess what? EVEN MORE SPIN time and overall better performance!! I must have gotten at least 20 more seconds of spin time!!! NOW the QUARK is truly awesome!!

Thanks again and if anyone has any questions I’ll be happy to help.

Have a good one!

Nice review.
i like the way how you put it all together.
but maybe, a picture or two would make it all better.

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really great review, and really awesome way of describing the details too.

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Thanks for the comments… You are right about the pics. I will see if I can in the next few days.

Have a great day!

Thanks friend! Happy Yoyoing!

awesome review
I love the quark and I agree with a lot of the things you mention it it!

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Thanks friend! have a great day!

nice review. you explained everything you needed to.

Eh, I kind of like the cardboard box. More classy.

Well packaging simply can’t be all things to all people hehe. But who cares, the yoyo is awesome. Thx for the post.

Hi! Just wanted to ask if you had tried to shim your Quark??? I tried with thin shims awhile ago but it seemed to just smash my shims. Maybe I overtightened it, I don’t know…