String Theory Singularity Review

Hey folks, Its been a real busy couple of weeks and this review has just been sittin’ around forever. Finally got the time. So here goes:

String Theory Singularity
I tried out the Singularity a couple months ago and dismissed it rather quickly because I felt that it was just too narrow for me and ended up buying the Quark instead. Then about a month later I was curious about it again and gave it another whirl and guess what… mhm I bought it.


Diameter: 48.0 mm / 1.89 inches
Width: 36.5 mm / 1.44 inches
Gap Width: 4.55 mm / .18 inches
Weight: 67.0 grams
Response: Silicone Theory Pad
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

Appearance: I like the look of this yoyo very much. It has a certain elegant appeal. It is very streamlined with nice aesthetic lines within lines as you look at it from the side. I like how the arrows form this star within a star look or you could look at it as a Sun like image. Anyway you look at it, it is very pleasing, as in sophistication, poetry in motion, Very simple, yet artistic.

Finish: I have the blue bead blast finish which has a thick feel to it and is tough as nails. In fact I had a small accident with it a couple weeks ago and whacked it pretty hard. I thought I had already ruined the finish! For a moment my breathing was still as I gave it a wipe with my finger and the scuff was gone. HOW SWEEEEET! Ok so aside from the toughness of it, the feel is plush and smooooth. This translates into a comfortable grinding surface, great for finger, palm and arm grinds!

Shape/Size: The form of this yoyo is a strict H shape with flat rims and slanted angles on either side. It has an excellent catch zone for it’s width and a nice LOW walled gap, which I always favor and look for in a throw. It also has a deep enough inner rim quite good for those beloved IRG’s!

The size of this yoyo is it’s center of attraction I feel, for this yoyo is a bit smaller than the avg 50 X 40 mm Undersized throw. Smaller than 888X or Yuuksta, or Chaotic, or Quark or Supra or any other standard Undersized for that matter and the great benefit of this of course is it’s super super portability! Especially in your pocket! I carry this thing around practically all the time because of its high portability, comfort and performance. It’s name (aside from being an actual term in String Theory Particle Physics) may imply that you only need this 1 singular yoyo to carry around with you, which is very fitting.

Performance: When they say that this is an undersized that should not be underestimated, is more than true. This Under undersized yoyo is like Pocket Hercules.

The shape allows it to have excellent momentum. For a yoyo that is this small and weighs 67 grams just like larger yoyos, it has comparable if not equal spin times. Plays fast or slow, and you don’t have to worry about running out of spin time. Plus it is so so smooth! Very little vibe if any. It also has very good float! I thought it’d drop like a sinker but no, it flies well! There is ZERO drag on this yoyo, which is great for side style play. It has a nice wide gap allowing multiple string layers and all binds are tight (Even with a concave bearing in there). The yoyo can also fit easily into those tight intricate spaces when doing complex tricks.

A major advantage in playing the Singularity is that your aim will greatly, greatly improve. When you master it’s feel, and then switch yoyos in your play rotation, your performance will be even more effortless and simply awesome.

In closing I’ll add that I always look for weaknesses in my yoyos no matter what they cost, and so far with the Singularity, I have had a hard time finding one that sticks. The thing is awesome.

If you are looking for something portable, something comfortable, something of high performance, and at a decent price, then check out the Singularity. Once you put it in your pocket that’s it. It’ll be beginning of a beautiful relationship. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll see that this yoyo can play with the big boys easily and then some.

Any comments, questions… feel welcome.

Awesome review. I don’t even have any questions cause you answered them already. Great review.

I really love this, I felt some people didn’t get the Singularity but you sir understood exactly what we were going for. A pocket size throw that performs!!!
Great review!!! ;D

I have Zen with this Yoyo. hehe. So you R with String Theory?? I think you guys rock. Thanks for making cool yoyos! Thanks for the comments!!

Thanks very much for the comments!

Now I want one even more than I already did!

Have you seen this video? All TV companies should use yo-yos to advertise haha.

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WOW! What an Awesome Video!!  I’d heard of it somewhere but I did not actually see it.  So cool that you put it up.

I hope you get yours soon!!!

Thanks dude!!!

In your opinion, which one is better: the SPYY Pro or Supra?

Hi, I like them both for different reasons. Since this thread is about the Singularity, I’m gonna post something only about the Spyy models you ask about.


Thanks! Glad you liked it! It is pretty cool. 8)