string theory singularity

So i’ve read one of the few reviews on the singularity and it says that the yoyo tends to be unstable after long combos or big hops.
i just wanna ask those who have one or have used one, does it go off balance after doing these combos/hops?
And do you guys think it is a good yoyo? my main issue with the yoyo is that there aren’t many reviews on it, so im kinda in the dark regarding the play style of the singularity. thanks :smiley:

I love mine. Mine is the Bead Blasted version. It grinds like a dream. It is it very stable. I get better at hitting string tricks because of its size and it has better spin time than my 888x. I’d definitely recommend it

My son has one and he loves it. He’s sponsored by String Theory though so…

I should say, with the caveat that I too was at one time sponsored by string theory, that i find the singularity lightyears more playable than any other yoyo in its size range. A bit on the heavy side, but it’s small, so it’d feel heavy anyway

it isnt the yoyo, it’s you, get better

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Bit harsh, lol. But I find it a bit unstable because of the thin profile. But it is really a great, fun yoyo. But I wouldn’t quite call it good for competition, more for fun at home.

Never played the Singulairty.
I’ve played/Owned a few String theory at one point
Last week traded my last one.
I could always get another one if I wanted.
I’ve owned
Remnant V2
Stringtheory Quark

The three above and

I can say my favorite is the Bandit and the Remnant
The quark is my favorite undersized but I prefer Oversized -> undersized.
At some point I enjoyed Undersized and I would prefer it over.
However I can say
The Quark plays much better then a Campfire.
And the Remnant plays pretty epic.
The bandit is like a Canvas to me in some ways.
Anyways take your pic.
Either way Stringtheory is a great company!
Plus I would suggest looking at all their throws and seeing what kind of Specs you enjoy.

i love mine it is really stable… but after a long sleeper it will begin to spin around but still spin forever. i suggest putting a cruicel groove bearing in it i have tried many others but that one seems to work the best and it is in a great price range for high quality. i find it better then my kk ceramic that was $30 and it keeps it centered better because it has a groove in the center. it dips in then it meets up in the center and has a little crevice the holds the string. what level of difficulity are you because it isnt very good if you are putting more then 3 strings onto it. you keep up the good work if your getting this yoyo it means your going to be pro someday

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