Any Information on the String Theory Singularity or Quark?

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I’ve been looking at getting a Quark or a Singularity…mainly because they look really hip. But I don’t know anything about them. Any of you out there own one of these? If they play really horrible then I may reconsider. Actually, if they play really horrible, I will reconsider.


After a long time of pining over a Singularity, I managed to pick one up (a few months back). I was in the same boat as you, I thought it looked really cool. A little undersized, but it looked like a great pocket throw.

I HATED it. It didn’t play at all like I had hoped. Bad stability, bad spin times, just BAD.

If you’re looking for a solid String Theory YoYo, I suggest the Lotus. I bought one off the BST on a whim not expecting much. It wasn’t a throw I was ever interested in (I didn’t care for the specs/shape), but when I got it, I really enjoyed it. It was actually my backpack carry for a few months.

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Yeah, I was afraid that might be the case. I appreciate the response.


I have a Quark and it’s a great little throw, a bit heavy but a solid player. I have it for sale or trade on here actually

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I’m interested. Where, on the forum, do I look for that?


I’ve played a singularity and I LOVED it


Well my good friend has a Singularity, its small but its a great throw. Spins for a good amount of time smooth, just a all around really fun throw. If you are in to smaller throws then i would get one for sure. Sorry for the late response.