String theory quark or singularity

I know the specs for both of them, but I was wondering what yot personal opinion was on which yoyo is better

Seeing as I own both I thought I’d chime in here to offer some perspective. You can’t really think of either as being better than the other because they are so different from each other. Both high performers but a totally different feel for each. I like the quark for its incredible comfort in the hand. I own several high end throws and nothing feels as comfortable as the Quark does. But the Quark is a heavy throw. Whereas the Singularity is lighter and smaller than the avg undersized throw and also narrower. If u intend to take your yoyo out of the house often, or prefer a smaller throw, then the singularity is or you. Or if you want the standard undersized yoyo, with similar dimensions to the yuuksta or 888x, then get the Quark. Which ever one you choose, you’ll be getting an awesome yoyo.