The Plus: Sketch from SR

(SR) #1

I was drawing one day and came up with this. I don’t know, I think it looks cool but that’s me. If I were to have a signature yo-yo, I’d call it the Plus, and it would look like this:

What would you call your yo-yo? Pics?


C22 shape?

(SR) #3

Looks like more of an M1 shape to me, after I looked at it.


I agree that the design is almost exactly identical to the C22…

(Mikey) #5

details would be nice.

(SR) #6

OMG I just brought up a picture of the C22! It looks the same. Never relized that. PLUS: Modeled after the Catch 22. :smiley: No, That would be the Frantic though.

(JM) #7

I’d call mine the “Isms” I’ll photoshop a design

(SR) #8

Not many detals, as it is just a sketch. But, M1 size, Black and White. Called the Plus. Why is it called that? Maybe because its better than most? OH WAIT, NO YO-YO IS BETTER THAN THE OTHER. :wink:


Mine would be an All metal Black Knight…

Bead Blasted of course.

… With no Inner nib spinning thing, just little Nibs like on Dark Magic and Lyn Fury…


are black knights really that good?


You’ve been on this forum long enough to know of preferences.


I love mine.

Most people don’t like the unique rounded rims… It’s preference really.

I should review mine.

Black Knight review coming tomorrow! ;D ;D


yah yah im sorry i should of thought of that . man kim lan youve been correcting me right and left :stuck_out_tongue:
any way i was just thinking that they were just made to have thoughs dimple things on the side


mine would be call the soggy tail


Rofl i made this like a few months back. I actually would make it polycarbonate body with celcon rims now that i think about it. Would that infringe yyj patents still?

(SR) #16

WOW. That is cool and awesome. But it would hurt people on arm grinds. ;D


The metal rims alone would infringe YoYoJam’s patents.


Nice. Like the Noctu.

(JM) #19

With the way that Patent laws work here in the U.S, they can’t enforce not using metal rims. They can only enforce it’s unique shape and the like.


I think they have a patent on putting denser material on the rims, something like that. I’m quite sure that nobody else in the US is permitted to make yoyos with metal on the rims. I think. :stuck_out_tongue: