The official Pun thread

Let’s hear 'em

As for me. I was punning in a Graveyard the other night, but I had to barrow some from the internet because mine were falling on death ears.

If you go swimming then dive, and an eel bites your thigh, that’s A’Moray.


that was so bad it’s funny!

Not to hijack your thread or anything, but back in high school I always had this dream of opening a Christian pizza parlor.

I planned on calling it Cheesus Crust.

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This thread is so punny.

Because chemistry jokes get no reaction, we should barium, so they argon forever.

Did you hear about the guy whose whole left side was cut off? He’s all right now.

I had the thought of making a website consisting of the most sophisticated, hard to pin puns, and I was going to call it

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Just go to the comments section of any article in
Read a lot. Learn a lot. Laugh of butt off. Solved.


When New York City had an earthquake last year, did Harlem shake?

The man who invented knock-knock jokes deserves a no bell prize.

I sent in 10 puns to a contest, hoping to win.
But no pun in ten did.


You win that was amazing.

No winning, just playing.:slight_smile:


I’ve been carrying this hammer around all day now my arms are Thor.

If I hear another pancake joke I’m gonna flip

Did hear what happens to the man who broke his wheelie bin

He got wheelie angry

Lmfao, that is funny.

I’ll take a Moses, with double everything…

Did you hear about the nihilistic rabbit? He didn’t carrot all.

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