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Hey Steve, do you know the origins of the name ‘Peacebone’ for the new Manatee color schemes? Was it inspired by the band Animal Collective, who happen to have an album called Danse Manatee? I just ordered a Peacebone Manatee… and it can’t get here quickly enough


I like CLYW and I am sure the MANATEE is a fine yoyo. However, why Riccaardo Fraolini looks like he just got out of bed is beyond me.


LOL! :joy:

(InvaderDust) #1224

That’s his concentration face.


Word on the (official) street is that there’s a CLYWxLuftwerk lovechild in the works. I commend him/her who came up with this idea. I’m prepared to do some Faust-level gambling for something like this.


Since a day consists of 3 eight hours segments and people normally sleep eight hours a day…>

Every time you see somebody; there is a 1 in 3 chance that the will look like they just got out of bed🤔


It is sooo good!


Is the Yeti 2 ever coming to YoyoExpert?


Planning to release in early September.


Should we expect a quick sellout or will they be stock for more than 24 hours?


There should be enough to go around, but it all depends on the demand I guess.


It’s just that I have horrible luck when it comes to buying anything with high demand in time. :smiley:


So how 'bout them Ti Peaks? :wink:


I bet they will sell out super fast!

(InvaderDust) #1235

will likely be around $300. And i want to say there was something like 140 made. I remember posting on an old thread (cant find it now) about someone asking what yoyos you want to see made of Ti. I called for the Ti Peak on that thread and now here we are :o . And here I am 8) . And my wallet is all. . . . . :’(

Ill try my best to get one. Selling now (ebay goes live this afternoon) to finance and be ready for the drop.


My wallet feels the same pains. If it needed money as food to live, it would have gone to the big bank in the sky a long time ago.


What’s your eBay?

(InvaderDust) #1238

pm sent


Not only are they taking my $310, but they’re also making me wake up at 6am to buy one…ugggh

The Titanium Peak will be available at the 2017 World YoYo Contest in Iceland, as well as online here at on August 10th at 9 am EDT.

DIA: 55.5MM