The official "Best new trick to bring in the new year video competition" !! poll

Yokid 5000:




Zach Smith:



buck choy:


Vote for your favorite!!

St so you know my name is Imperkisizing not emperkisizing

Sorry man if you win ill send somethin extra 4 that ::slight_smile:

there is a prize?

mikers very smooth on the string damn

mikers is friggin sick

ok i want some tuts! ;D

They all look very impressive…great work guys!!!

WOW amazing and can we get sum tuts plz

Oh yeah… time to anounnce the prizes will be and also say the voting deadline.

1st place gets 20 yellow poly strings and bragging rights on the fourm

the deadline is march 20

If you win, PM me w/ your mailing adress so I can mail you your prizes

MIKERS is the winner of the competion!!!

PM me your mailing adress to get your prizes!

Read the last post Mike.

Need that adress to get you your prizes :slight_smile: