The Northern Spin Company - Quantum - Review


Northern Spin Company
The Quantum

Today I am pleased to bring to your seeing holes this review of a genuinely awesome return top (yo-yo) known as the Quantum, by a Manufacturer based out of Toronto, Ontario – Northern Spin Company. The Quantum has the following specs (taken from

Material: 6000 Series Aluminium
Finish: Soda blasted, Colour anodized
Response: Flowable Silicone
Diameter: 60mm
Width: 45mm
Gap: 4.5mm
Weight: 67 grams

I am going to give a rating for different aspects of the Quantum on a 5 Star (*) scale. Lower ratings aren’t meant to be thought of as worse, just different. The characteristics I will be rating are as follows:


So without further ado, I present my review of Northern Spin Company’s Quantum return top!

Packaging/Presentation: ****/5
The Quantum comes packaged in a wrapped box, tied with a brown string bow. The wrapping is stripped on the outside, but, when unfolded, gives the specifications of the yo-yo, as well as the material it’s made of (The exact elements even!) The outermost packaging is simple, but stylish. Once you remove the wrapping and bow, a standard cardboard box awaits your vision, wrapped around this box is a label for the Quantum. Here, again, there is nothing needlessly over-the-top, just effective, simple and stylish packaging. Inside this box is a sticker for Northern Spin Co. and the Quantum, which is wrapped snuggly in brown paper keeping it safe and secure. The packaging evokes a very folky feeling, and I found it endearing.

Size/Shape: ****/5
The Quantum is a large return top! Although just slightly larger in width and Diameter than many classic yo-yos - a FHZ for example - the Quantum really feels huge. But it’s entirely a good thing! The size gives it a nice heft when thrown, substance. Between the shape and size however, the Quantum does catch a bind during intense string tricks on occasion, though not anymore than any other return top of similar size/shape would. The shape is a classic one that fits comfortably in hand. Another testament to Northern Spin Company priding themselves on quality over showing off some soon-to-be-forgotten novelty shape. They know what works.

Speed: ***/5
The Quantum, due to it’s size and weight is a pretty slow throw. This, also, is not a bad thing. For my personal style, it suits me extremely well when I just need to throw for a while and don’t need to be a speed demon for any reason.

Stability: ****/5
This return top is extremely well machined and the weight distribution and shape give it an incredible amount of stability when throwing down, however the Quantum is pretty unforgiving of less than perfect throws and will tilt and spin out if thrown without precision.

Smoothness: *****/5
I can honestly say that I am surprised I haven’t seen throwers refer to more return tops (yo-yos) as ‘Quantum smooth’ in the likeness of “Oxy smooth.” It really is top notch. It floats across the string like a boat sails across the surface of smooth seas.

Final Thoughts -
The Quantum has quickly made it’s way to being my number one choice when I need to throw. The color ways are outstanding and Northern Spin Company reminds me of times when smaller companies didn’t feel the need to churn out new throws every month and dozens of colorways.
If you’re looking for an awesome return top (yo-yo) that is well designed and machined with artisanal prowess, then pick up the Quantum, by Northern Spin Company! Just cross your fingers you can catch them on the next run, as the first was limited to only 50 pieces!!


Well done review !!

I too am a Huge fan of the Quantum. This is another YoYo that has not received anywhere near the press it deserves. I have yet to let someone throw one of mine that did not feel it was sensational. Sadly though some of these folks would have bought one after giving mine a try, but were unable because they waited to long and now they are gone. As you stated, only 50 were produced, so you would have had to act fast.

Live and learn I guess.


The Quantum in the BST I linked to was sold… So I deleted the link…


There are some Quantum’s in stock here at YoYoExpert! They are very limited so if you’d like one (you’d like one) then hurry up get one while you can!