Northern Spin Co. Quantum: A High Speed YoYo Review


Northern Spin, based out of Canada, is one of those boutique companies that do not get a great deal of exposure. It is a shame because their previous two yo-yos were excellent performers. I have been covering the company for quite some time, ever since our accidental introduction. We met through Big Brother YoYos when I picked up a prototype from Doug that just so happened to be one of Manny’s designs. Manny and I started talking about future products… one thing lead to another and we lost touch when all of a sudden Northern Spin pops up at the debut of the new Canadian Nationals contest a few years later. Now Northern Spin Co. is back with their third release, the Quantum. Each release from Northern Spin has some unique feature to it. The Aurora was made from titanium, the Helix was an aluminum and steel hybrid, and now we have the Quantum with its own feature set to set it apart from the pack. Lets see how Northern spin fairs using just aluminum in their latest design.

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(UmeNagisa) #2

Splendid review! And the yoyo is RIGHT up my Alley.
Also 45mm width not 54
Just a small typo.


Thanks, I fixed it. My slight dyslexia rears its head again. :slight_smile:


Great Review.

I’ve been meaning to sit and write one for about a month, but I’ve sadly been to busy.
I personally love this YoYo. The size supplies the stability I instantly fell in love with. I’ve also been a Northern Spin Fan & collector since their inception.

I wished this YoYo had gotten more press, it really deserves it.


Thanks for doing the review!

Been getting a lot of positive reviews from customers.

Can’t wait for our next project! Back to Titanium! ;D


You know where to send it for review. :slight_smile: