-=For Sale/Trade: Northern Spin Co. Quantum=-

My collection was getting a bit too large and so the following yoyos are for sale. Payment is accepted via paypal only, and USPS priority shipping with tracking is included within the United States. Yoyos that include original box/packaging will be pictured with them.

All the yoyos I am listing today are mint, and I am the original owner of most! If you have specific requests for bearing types, I have many types at the moment for no extra charge.

If you have any questions or offers, please contact me via private message! Thanks for looking!

Northern Spin Co. Quantum - Looking for $75 $70 shipped or best offer!
Mint, smooth, the largest of the Northern Spin yoyos, exceptionally fun.

CLYW Borealis - Looking for $90 $85 shipped or best offer! SALE PENDING
Mint w/box, dead smooth, really unique profile among the modern CLYW throws.

CLYW Yeti (Original first run) - Looking for $60 shipped or best offer! SALE PENDING
The best plastic yoyo I’ve ever owned. No string breakage, unique material, great spin times. I prefer this over the V2 by a huge margin.

General Yo Prestige - SOLD!
General yo smooth, really nice and floaty feel. Competitive level throw for sure.

Monkeyfinger Gelada V2 - SOLD!
Smooth, awesome blast texture, and one of the best anodization colorways I’ve ever seen.

CLYW Chief - SOLD!
The Chief is a staple in most people’s collections for good reason. Dead smooth. There is a small bit of faded anodization that it had from the factory, otherwise flawless.

G2 YYE Edition Albatross - SOLD!
One of my favorites for a long time. Smooth, organic, long spinning.

CLYW Glacier Express - SOLD!
Love the look and feel of this throw. Smooth, really stands out among most yoyos.

CLYW Hulk Smash Peak - SOLD!

Adegle RhongTo - SOLD!
Mint w/box, smooth. I love yoyos with cutouts, and this is probably the best that was ever released. It has an extremely unique feel and sound. As smooth as it gets, comes with an extra set of pads from the factory.

Thanks again for looking! Let me know if you have any questions or offers!

Fixed the issues with the pictures, sorry about that! Thanks for looking!

Interested in RhongTo

The RhongTo is still currently available. Please send me a private message if you are interested in purchasing it.

Bump! Lots of yoyos gone!