The NEW Online yoyo club


This club has failed, contact Squaktopus13


what time


dang, I have a power outage planned for tomorrow… What day works for us all? Time should be 4:30 pst.


Tommarow I can’t but rest I can make it


I can probably make Friday’s through Sunday’s, but weekdays are definitely unpredictable for me.


Lol last meeting WAS an epic fail. Please add me on google+ you still haven’t. Shen)


I can’t wait


Name and club colors ?


A nnoying. CΦMmeNt


When will we meet


When will we meet


ill join! :smiley:


idk, pick a day and time and state your time zone.


Fridays 3-6 saturdays 5-7western time zone I’m in Utah


Why am I not on the list?


Ok guys so I am now logi’s helper in the club he can’t attend tomorrow so Im stepping in. Club meets should start around 5:30 western time tomorrow ( which is about 7:30 eastern ) if changes are needed pm and I’ll try to work things out.


I tried guys, where are you???


I’m in band


My condolences I have failed my computer is being weird sorry ill make it up to you guys some how


Could I join