utah club

hey, i am pretty sure that their is a yo yo club in south Jordan. but i don’t know what the times are, could some one help me?

There absolutely is one! ;D We meet every other Saturday at the South Jordan Library from 2:30 to 4:30. I’m pretty sure we’re meeting this week. A couple of the guys will be at BAC, but it should still be a blast :slight_smile:

darn. I got a camp out this weekend. But, I will try to make it if I can!=)

I will see if I can get a schedule up on this thread when I get one.

Where do you guys live? I live in Provo


Woods Cross.

Is this an all ages club? Or just for the youngsters? I’m 25 and living in Lehi. I’m interested in coming but would feel awkward being the oldest person there.

BWAHAHAHA! Your would fit in just fine. I thought the same thing going in, and I found out I was the youngest person at my first meeting. We got some youngsters, but we seem to have a lot of people in there 20s and 30s.

ive been looking for a Utah club im in st. George so i wont be comeing to offen :-[ but i can come in the summer

Hopefully we get the group going again soon.

Ok great

anyone know if there is a club over in logan? I am leaving hawaii in a few months to go to school at usu. I will be in layton for a bit as well.

Not sure if there is a formal group up there, but I know we got a guy in Centerville I’m in Woods Cross, and there’s a gal in Morgan. (All of these aren’t to far from Layton.) We could put together a little get together somewhere in Davis County. Are you a member of our Facebook group yet? I think it’s utah yoyo club.

I’ll be moving there late April. I will go find that group on Facebook. Thanks for the info!

That sounds cool I’m not too great at throwing but I’m decent, I’m pretty good at making strings I’m 13 and live in clearfield. I would like to hang out but I can’t get around and my parents are very weary of me.pm please .

I’m in sunset. I cant really do stuff on Saturdays though as I work at guitar center and have to work the weekends.

Dude you on the Facebook Group?

Hey I am in Spanish Fork. I could come as well?

Hello, I’m getting into the string making business and I want to stay small for a now so ill only be sending to Utah. I can send a sample for free and all I ask in return is a review and maybe some advice. I know most of you have found your favorite string so I’m not asking you to throw away your opinions but to just give me a chance. If you want to try a sample just send me your address and you’ll have some string coming your way. The first five testers will receive three different strings so you can get a feel for what I can do.