Utah Throwers

I know there is a few of us on this site who live in Utah, but I’d like to get a list just to see exactly how many of us there is. :slight_smile: So post if you live in Utah, and if your in Northern or Southern Utah, and if you want to the city. Let me know if this is against the rules or anything.

Northern Utah
Contagon - Ogden

Southern Utah

Im here in northern Utah ;D

cough theres a thread with a lot more people from utah on another forum in the NATION cough

C’mon people, i know more of you are from Utah.

There is
Jake P (Jakep) he goes to BYU
Aaron Day (Puregamerbilly) he goes to UofU
Shinra who lives close to
Teslafreak who lives in tooele
JCT idunno where he lives…
I3izkit12 i dunno where he lives either…
I think DJ steve lives near saltlake
dade who lives in t-ville?
and the other kid we met at scout camp


I was up in November and December but I didn’t know where to look for players. Next time I will try to get on this forum and look for people when I am up in SLC next time. It’s always good to meet new players .

wow i feel late

SLC rose park and i have only known one other thrower and have no idea where he lives

Check out the utah yo yo club!

There is a group that meets in Salt Lake at the South Jordan Library. They have yoyo meets almost every month from 2:30 pm until 4:30 pm. The contact is Thom. I haven’t made it to any meets since I’m about 6 hours away but they still send me e-mails. The last yoyo meet was held on July 7th. I hope this helps.

I’m up in Ogden Utah. I’m 23 anybody else over 18 or so around here?