The (near) Confirmation of the Higgs Boson

Today, March 14, 2013, scientists at CERN have tentatively confirmed the existence the highly-sought after Higgs boson particle.

The Higgs boson is incredibly important. First off, it would complete the Stand Model of physics, leading to “new” physics and a better understanding of our universe. It would also explain how matter obtains mass (Higgs field).

Here’s a nice article about it:

And for some reason, this has got a bunch of Christians in an uproar because of how it’s sometimes called the “God” particle. sigh

And this, because it’s such a great song.

Cool! My friend was just explaining the 10 dimensions to me today, and mentioned this “god” particle.

I talk to my physics teacher about this alot, super great stuff, Im really excited actually. I also read the article you linked and toward the bottom it had some really just dumb tweets about it. Sad really.

Im a Christian and I dont mind when people call it the “god” particle. Just dont make the “G” capital. no big deal.

Great article Link

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Nothing like learning physics from an actual physicist vs. the press. :stuck_out_tongue:

Off topic but I raised my Physics grade from a 90% to a 91%:smiley:

Woo! I currently have C’s in both my physics classes! Senioritus is great!

Good luck dude. Raising a physics grade is hard:P

I can’t believe there have been multiple posts in this thread and no-one had posted the LHC rap.

And they may detected it, but have now shut down. Hopefully the extra kick they can get towards the end of 2014 or 2015 will be even more definitive. It’s all about physics :wink: Preferably with a bit more Chemistry thrown in.

For another bit of fun, here something a acquaintance of mine (Dave and others) has put together - it’s called Danceroom Spectroscopy:

See science=cool  ???

Haha, well hopefully it won’t be too bad. I did get A’s last semester

Just cause it is related and such a good PSA episode…

The end is the best IMO.