The Nationals Edition Genesis

Just wondering why this yoyo seems to have been glossed over. I know there’s a lot of new stuff rolling out every week and maybe people aren’t interested in talking about a yoyo that’s been around for years. But this is a redesign, so the contours are sharper and the catch zone is flatter than before. I’m looking forward to trying it out. And it’s “only” $50! Compared to past Genesis prices, this is an incredible steal. Yes, it looks like the previous USA edition, but I was never able to get a hold of one of those, so I’m very glad I got a 2nd chance.

Am I the only one left on the Genesis bandwagon, besides maybe Miguel Correa or Luis Enrique?


I loved the genesis I tried and plan on getting one eventually. I am not a fan of patriotic things so this is an easy pass for me but 50 bucks is great.

It will absolutely be a purchase of mine in the near future. The Genesis is one of my favorite yoyos. I see the weight has been shaved again and the price certainly took a slashing, I really hope it plays even better than the last traditional Genesis release. It’s likely smart of YoYoFactory to place it in the budget metal category rather than what’s become a pretty dead place in the in between. They’ve sold so many of the Shutter and Too HOT as budget friendly competition-ready metals, it’s time for the Genesis to get in on the action and make it into people’s hands again.

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I agree with this entirely. I don’t think the genesis gets as much love as it should and may me that’ll change with this price cut. If they start putting more colorways out, I’m coppin.

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Budget Genesis = MUST BUY.

Just waiting for a colourway that tickles my fancy. ;D

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This Nationals edition looks great. It is on my wish list.

Like a Union Jack Genesis!?

I like the patriotic anno job ('MURICA) but I’m broke. The Genesis SS was a fun yoyo, but I just didn’t love it enough to trade my Orca. I’m gonna have to save some cash to try a few models after buying the Nationals ed.

Yeah, it’s actually my preferred look - half red, half blue. I have many yoyos in this color because, and I’m not afraid to admit this, I’m a Cubs fan. I’ve either purchased doubles to make red/blue combos or had the help of YYE members and their amazing powder coating abilities to create red/blue versions. So finding one of my favorite yoyo designs in my favorite color at such a low price point took me all of 3 seconds to make the decision to purchase. Can’t wait!

Wow I can’t believe that it’s only 50 dollars. Wasn’t expecting that.

I did kind of an unintentional study that I found interesting. I was hangin out and chatting with Jamie((Andres’ brother) at the YYE tables. I already had(have) a New Genesis and really like it.

I asked Jamie, ‘How’s the new Genesis selling’? He said people really seem to like the yoyo. They love the price point. And they are selling very well.

So, he was too busy dealing with many potential customers to carry on a continuous conversation with me so I just kinda focused more on the ‘activity’ in the area of the left table where the Genesis yoyos were displayed.

I watched people throw the yoyo and watched and listened to their reactions.

Every guy that tried one didn’t immediately buy one. But what I found interesting was that not one person that threw the Demo yoyo said anything other than ‘good things’. It literally looked like a ‘Best Smile Contest’.

Some people didn’t even ask to try the Genesis. They just walked up and bought one or two. Several guys that just walked up and bought one were accompanied with a friend that already had purchased one. So I am only guessing that they prolly tried their friends and combined with the selling price; pretty much created a Buy it now situation, lol.

It created quite a stir, no doubt about it.

It’s really good. REALLY good!

The Genesis performance/ price point combination made it somewhat overshadow the New Turn Table yoyo.

Another Winner from YYF.

I’m not saying any of the ‘above’ to detract from enthusiasm about other yoyos to potentially purchase.

There were many slick playing yoyos being displayed and sold at the Yoyoexpert table form a variety of Makers; also at some pretty ‘won’t break the bank’ prices.

But this is a Genesis thread so I don’t want to stray too far off the title track.

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That’s good to hear, doc. Thanks for the info. I’m glad to hear that my initial reaction was wrong and people are in fact excited about this new release.

say that again

Ma bad… I am not a fan of patriotic things.

Can’t believe I forgot the period. Thanks for lookin out yoyofoot.

I really want to get one, but an Aussie like me just looks a bit silly with a patriotic American yoyo.

That shouldn’t stop you. I actually think it’s cool rocking something that’s not from where I’m from. I love reppin Japan and Japanese writing/logos. Also shows you’re diverse and open minded. So, if you want one, I say go for it.

Besides. It’s a nyyc yoyo. Not a USA yoyo.

Ben McPhee… From Yoyofactory is from Australia… And he has no problem throwin one, lol

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Genesises are awesome. I have gone through a few, and currently in my case are a 2014 SS, and a 2014 B-grade that never got the SS rings installed (63g!!).

I will probably get one of the new Genesises. Sent an American ex-pat friend to YYE to grab one, so I might play one soon. However, I sent a friend on a mission for one particular yoyo this Nats, and it wasn’t the Genesis.

I will never be off the Genesis train. :slight_smile:

Yeah. I think I’ll get one.