The MOWL Q is back in all new colors!

From Mowl: The “Q” is a yo-yo with a traditional round shape that gives you an unprecedented “comfortable feeling”. Not just the round shape, but the slight bumps and flat rims around the pad gives a really nice feeling of wings being deployed, almost a sensation of liberation when you throw.

Despite it’s organic look, once you throw the Q you almost lose sense of time, it plays lightly and smoothly until the catch. It maneuvers with ease and the slightly narrowed gap gives a satisfying tight bind, even at low speeds.

This is the first attempt as a manufacturer, and after many design modifications, we believe it is a great model that beginners as well as core players can enjoy.

Releasing Saturday 9/18 @ 8PM EDT.


My thoughts on the Q because its awesome!


Thanks for that. There are not too many reviews about Mowl products :confused: I love them and thinking to get one of these too


“One of the BEST Organic Yoyos”

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