MOWL New Arrivals - The Mowl M and Nocturnal!

Mowl M:

The mowl M has a beautifully simple rounded H-shape profile designed by one of Japan’s top yo-yo manufacturers who has chosen to remain nameless, furthering the mysterious nature of this new company. It has a seriously powerful feel on the throw and a comfortable feel on the catch, with a presence on the string that seems to just push you to keep on throwing.

Thursday 3/24 @ 8PM EDT.


The Nocturnal features a wide full size frame designed for a maneuverable fast feel in play. The rounded edges are comfortable in the hand and offer a soft feel on the catch. It’s easy to handle with ample speed and a light powerful string presence. the Nocturnal feels right at home with slow flowy tricks or the fastest speed combos, an excellent choice for any thrower!

Thursday 3/24 @ 8PM EDT.


Getting OG YYF Genesis vibes from that M


Danngg might have to grab one of these :no_mouth:

Yo that M looks like a kinda like a TM, wonder if it plays similar :thinking:

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