New Yo-Yo Alert – The mowl M!

From the brilliant minds that brought you Fist Salud comes a mysterious new yo-yo company – mowl!

mowl has been lurking deep in the darkest forests of the yo-yo underground’s unknown; sponsoring contests here and there, popping up on social media, and keeping relatively quiet before their first big release – This release – The mowl M!

The mowl M has a beautifully simple rounded H-shape profile designed by one of Japan’s top yo-yo manufacturers who has chosen to remain nameless, furthering the mysterious nature of this new company. It has a seriously powerful feel on the throw and a comfortable feel on the catch, with a presence on the string that seems to just push you to keep on throwing.

Standard Edition:

Fist Salud Edition:

It moves as fast as you like, maintains some serious stability, and has a unique feel that is hard to put into words.

A portion of the mowl M proceeds goes toward supporting the Fist Salud crew and keeping those videos you love rolling in!