The Manimal by CYYC | Review

Back in the early 80’s there was a short lived TV Show called The Manimal. The hero of the show had the ability to shapeshift into animals and fight crime. For some reason, he shapeshifted into a black cougar and a hawk in every episode which is cool and all but the show took place in New York. Sometimes there would be a third animal, but every episode it was the cougar and the hawk. Perhaps a pigeon and a sewer rat would have been more appropriate. I think I would notice a 300 pound freaking cougar running through the streets. If you are going for pure power with no care to the environment, then why not a Silverback Gorilla and a Pterodactyl? Apparently the viewers thought the same thing because the show didn’t even make it through a full season. The show did have one thing doing for it that has brought it to nearly cult status. The opening montage and theme song were awesome. It was like Miami Vice hit David Bowie into a zoo during feeding time. The opening featured not one, not two, but FIVE cougar growls. The special effects were also pretty advanced at the time and when the show returned in syndication in the 90’s, it actually did pretty well… overseas. So what does this have to do with CYYC’s new yo-yo that shares the name? Nothing, except Bob, Thad, and Richey were huge Manimal fans (I can’t actually back that statement up.)