The LYNX by ILYY | Review

When I was a kid, long before the public access internet, I used to get Wildlife Explorer fact cards that came via mail order. You can still get them today in fact. Usually you would get a handful for free in the mail and they would offer more cards and a binder to keep them in. These things were great. They had a big picture on the front and the cliff-notes version of history and facts about the animal or science subject on the front. When I was a kid, I was all about these things. I subscribed to the Wild Animals line, the Earth Sciences line, and pretty much any other subject I could get ahold of. My favorite animal card was the Iberian Lynx; endangered, awesome powerful, and Wolverine like mutton chops. The Iberian Lynx was pushed into near extinction due to how awesome they looked after coming from the taxidermy office. One look into the eyes of a Lynx and you knew you were looking at raw awesome. I felt the same way when I looked at the photos of the ILYY Lynx earlier this year.