favorite metal rim yoyo

Whats your favorite

Dark magic.

Since I only have one… Speeder. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hitman here. :slight_smile:

Mini motu is beast.

I put DM, but I still love my X-ConVict.

Black Knight

Dark Magic is my only one.
SO yeah.

I like my new breed

new breed all the way

nice Jared :wink:

Well I have played every YYJ made. Its a really hard choice for me. I chose the New Breed but most of you have never tried a minimotrix. Its a lot like the Flying V by spyy. Hard choice. the DM, Vict, Hitman, and tons of others are all great yoyo’s.

Oh and my son has this YYJ that he got on a trade a long time ago. He found out at worlds what it is. Its the first YYJ yoyo ever made. How cool is that. I was gonna chop on it on my lathe but now I ain’t touchin it. I forget the name though.

that got to be awesome try to get pics and how does it play

i know but sadly i traded mine :frowning:

Seeing as how I’ve tried nearly all of them, the New Breed beats them all, IMO.

Night Moves and New Breeds are both amazing, hard choice for me.

X-convict all the way


ProtoStar, Dark Magic, and Nightmoves 2/3

speeder or new breed. but probally new breed because its really the only silicon one besides the jamboo