The makeshift counterweight thread

Today I decided i was gonna rummage through my room and see what I had to make a counterweight with… This is what I came up with, and to my suprise it is actually very functional. I’m Intrested to see what the rest of you guys have come up with. The yoyo community is chock full of innovative people.

A skateboard bushing

I could see that working pretty nicely actually.

It does

Took a lord of the rings ring from my LOTR monopoly game, because it’s small it only fits on the first knuckle of my ring finger, and I can slip it on and off pretty easily. It’s actually very heavy, heavier than the standard duncan counter weights by two to three I say, plus looks badass with my regen

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I am defaintly going to be trying this out!

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It’s deffently nice, a little weird at first but I feel I can get more power in the throws

Actually really like this, just alittle heavy
Triple A = around 11g
Wine cork = around .5g

Yeah that is really cool idea actually.

Does it make the string invisible?

xD! I don’t even have a witty come back to that. XD