Change counterweights without changing string/ free spinning counterweight.

Add them to various different counterweights for weight swap on the fly. At this point in time, they seem pretty impractical, since you have to cut up the string, but I found it neat and thought I’d share.

Nice. You know those things on keyrings where you push in on a metal piece and it releases from another metal piece, i really need a picture to show you, but that would work too.

I know what you mean. I was considering those but the ones I have are way too big.,33043.0.html

This was my idea.

This was made for a countweight using a bead, but it can be adapted to work with pretty much any other counterweight. Just use a hacksaw with a thin blade.

Not too sure how it’ll work with a bouncy ball. I’ll make one today or tomorrow and let you know how it turns out.

Other than that, where did you get that little clasp? I’d really like to know.

Those clasps look like they came off a necklace or some piece of jewelry…still it is a nice idea.

I’m sorry Jake, you’re a great guy, but this just makes you sound like a jerk. You came up with a method to remove the counterweight without removing the string. I came up with another.

Granted, it’s grossly impractical, but nonetheless.

They look like they’d be used for that. I have a bag full of 'em.

Whoa whoa whoa. Wait a second. I was not trying to say that your idea was in any way inspired by mine - rather that the thread I linked was my take on the quick switch counterweight.

Sorry for the poor wording.

Even saying you came up with the concept is false.

Please note that I don’t think you ARE a jerk, I’m just mentioning your use of wording as being less than satisfactory.

I completely agree, I don’t think that I came up with the idea at all; and looking over my two posts, I dont think I ever said I did.

On my original post, the “this was my idea” was referring directly to the thread that I linked.

Again, sorry for any misunderstanding.

Oh, that makes total sense. You’ll have to forgive me for that.

Yeah, when I read it, I thought “I think Jake meant here was my idea” Any way, I was really interested in both your ideas. What I’d really like to do is be able to switch back and forth between 1a and 5a. (That would also mean I could switch the counterweights). The only clean way I’ve come up with so far messes up the string length.

Have Fun,

i really likr this idea. where did you get the piece? O0