The last one: CLYW x Luftverk Titanium Peak #74

Some baddies on here. I can’t look. I ain’t got no budget, Lieutenant Dan. :see_no_evil:


Big price drops!

DM sent

Citizen and Freehand MG added!

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PM sent in regards to the Mg

Oh dang I missed these they are super rare!



Idk how to PM you In interested in obviously one of those BBBs, both Peak and Manatees.

I also like your G Bonfire and f2f Borealis asas!!.
M y FG AC1 is smoother than my mom FG AC1 so as long as they are smooth I’m in…

So what I have on your list you might want…

Monkeyfinger: Ape -X: Green w Purple Splash. NM to be safe sadly box got lost in last move and i t made it through the last 3 so no box smooth like expected, if anything a punk rock or 2.


So this is only gonna be for the right person:…

1/30 Angie Fash ED Orange Small Bearing: unfortunately someone polished the rims, I got it that way, it’s pretty beat around the stained part but the inside checkerboard is beautiful. I just got it yday from my moms,(was in a case like all my throws), I took off the hubstacks wanting to try a 59g 888 and it cAme w yellow hubstacks covers, I’ll look but if not you can choose black clear or white and I’ll throw in an extra pair of tips so they match too.
This 11 year old yoyo does have vibe unexpectedly but better throws make way less vibe but you will feel it on the strjng, no wobble, at 60grams long combos aren’t it’s thing.
It’s more of a historical 888 too bad someone stained the sides but don’t mind keeping also, it’s cool. Skill come w perfect Orange yellow and red string.

I would add smth for one of the folks Golds just gotta find smth u like!

Lmk if you want pics.

I might do the ape x and 1/30 Augie Small Bearing 888 for both FGs ? What conditions are those both in and I don’t care about box but I’ll take it bc if I trade some anal dude prob is like IWANTBOX

Also willing to send first w zero f2f

Lmk if you want pics. Also possibly the Ape X for a BBB Peak 2? Or I’ll take the other bbb as long as it’s ok condition

TY for your time

Also have another 08 888 never released hardcoat Silver w gold sparkles, large bearing, you will never see another I promise. Its nm it has a lot of machine marks and 2 pinprickish marks I must have gotten, looks like a good medal w clear hubstacks. Let me test the vibe. Ok so it’s very smooth, I know its 64grams but idk w or without hubstacks, I bet without. Maybe 2/10 only vibes if you look for it, has regular KK will include trifecta but not gonna risk damaging the yoyo by swapping new bearing prob will make it vibe way less to none.

This one of a kind I traded a Pink Lilith ed Project Mint for it so it’s worth more like a straight trade for the bbb peak, it’s prob worth not quite but close to the ApeX to me. Again if I keep it it’s okay

Also have this weird 09 888 but it’s my gfs (I gave it to her). So never seen one like this either, so this is the "ye ad of the Dragon 09 prereleases, they had red Orange and I don’t remember black but black was the only color that had a small bearing. It has every single 888 inscription that was ever used till then, so what’s special about mine?? It’s not black, it’s not anodized glossy at all it’s a soft grey, I think I threw a concave I’ll check smoothness when I wake up, I know its great though. A few cosmetic scratches and maybe a small mark of 2, has five for hubstacks and has Steve Brown on it Ocho8ocho, the dragon, every texture and don’t that says 888 Japanese characters, it’s sick the ano ones sold for $179.99 but maybe this one just forg ot, Dec not a B grade. Again being 1 if a kind I think the good one is prob valued at $65 and this one $55

Lol what pics you want

Maybe the ape x and one of those 888s and the Augie one for both BBB the peak and manatee

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On sorry still learning. You like any of what i have for ttade? That 09 is my gfs have to say that 5 times hahaha



Titanium Peak added

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