Would like to trade for a Tom Kuhn/Chico SB4


As the title says, I’m seeking an SB4. I would like it to be in good condition with the box. I can offer $100, or various nice yoyos for it.

I have these to trade:

Borealis - From the first production run, made in the US. Half red, half gray. No damage. Has fresh silicone and One Drop bearing. This is the smoothest yoyo I own.

Peak - Gray with orange splash. Scratches and dings all around, walls have been sanded. Still plays very nice. Fresh silicone and One Drop bearing.

Wooly Marmot - Frozen turtle. Scratches and dings all around. I hear this is a tough colorway to find. Extremely excellent player. Fresh silicone and One Drop bearing.

3rd run Peak - This was the real Peak 2. Two tone purple acid. Very, very nice. One small dent/flatspot that does not affect the ano. 3rd run Peaks are not easy to come by.

Thanks for checking my post. Take care!


still have the grey peak? i am interrested


or even the purple one just pref the orange a little bit.

but in the end i just want a good condition peak :smiley:

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