The Last of the Yoyo Men

Hey guys,
Check this video out, yoyo with civil war!!!

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I don’t think the yoyo was that heavy. But which one was it? It looked like an really early duncan to me.

Maybe yomega?.. :-\

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looks like a velocity to me

Hmmm… Interesting.

It is for sure a bearing yoyo so that narrows it down a bit.

From the sound you can tell that is must have starburst of some sort.

And when it is thrown into the fire it has caps and almost resembles a mosquito.

So for now, I think its safe to say its a mosquito.

Starburst possibly a friction pad on one side.

Looks like it has its caps but I think they sanded the logo away.


Looks like a mosquito to me.

Thanks for the post starscreem88!


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I think that it is maby a Renagade at leats that was my first impression. Odd Idea for a film.

YES!!! Jeremy got it!

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Would hitting someone really make them fall like that?

Sometimes, they just made a movie like that.

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Right, but is it actually possible? With that yoyo? I’m sure with a DM, and a backwards around the world will own anything*, but still…

*(I’ve intentionally broken a closed pizza box with it, and accidentally dropped the DM and broke the wooden floor. It is like a millimeter dent.

This was probably one of the most creative movies with yoyos i have ever seen i was laughing so hard when he turned the gun with the yoyo

Did you try this? I’m pretty sure it’s impossible, not the gun part, the knocking down part.

Its just a movie Batryn!

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Haha, turning the gun with the yoyo and getting shot was so funny! Its like “NO!” Turns the gun towards self “NO!” Gets shot

yeah sorry for bring up an old post
but this is epic
i thought i should bring it back
nice find starscream